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Cal vs. Utah video highlights: Jared Goff turnovers negate great defense, Trevor Davis


I'm not going to talk about the turnovers too much (you can see most of them above), but Cal turned the ball over six times, and in general when you turn over the football that much you're not going to win many football games. Jared Goff threw five interceptions (some of them his fault, some of them not so much), and an additional fumble turned into 17 Utah points. Cal had 10 points off of turnovers, so that seven point difference ended up being pretty crucial.

Thanks Troy Aikman.

Here are the Cal highlights.

Goff started his first scoring drive with an acrobatic catch by Kenny Lawler.

Khalfani Muhammad had a great run for 21 yards as well.

Goff's first touchdown pass was his best throw of the night and one of the rare times he enjoyed good pass protection--a streak down the left side of the field to Trevor Davis.

After that Utah recaptured the lead and tried to put some distance between themselves and Cal.

True freshman Trey Turner had an awesome interception! Cal turned that into a field goal to tie things up at 10-10.

Devante Downs had an interception of his own on the next drive.

Utah would take advantage of a bunch of Cal turnovers to go up 24-10, so Goff led a two minute drill down the field just before halftime to make it 24-17.

Goff found Trevor Davis on the tunnel screen.

Then Goff found Stephen Anderson.

Then Goff capped off with a touchdown to Darius Powe.

Cal forced their third turnover with Devante Downs helping jostle the ball loose from Devante Booker, allowing Caleb Coleman to recover.

Tre Watson would score the final Cal touchdown of the night.

Goff also found some time to dance near the end.

Here's to more comprehensive highlights after the bye week! GO BEARS!