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OL Coach Zach Yenser reportedly leaving Cal to join Likens and Kansas Jayhawks

Fresh off the heels of his BFF Rob Likens heading to Kansas, OL Coach Zach Yenser seems to be leaving the Bears, too.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Sonny Dykes has released a statement on the recent coaching departures:

ORIGINAL: With the breaking news that outside receivers coach Rob Likens would be joining the Kansas Jayhawks to become an offensive coordinator, reports indicate that offensive line coach Zach Yenser will also be heading to Kansas to join his BFF.

The O-line was just starting to jell under his direction, so this is less than desirable if we were hoping for an impactful 2015. As I stated in the Likens post, with Cal severely cutting back on the salaries of some of our coaches, this is possibly a financial decision, especially if it's a lateral move for Yenser. Plus, how could we expect Yenser to part from his bestie?

Coach Yenser--we wish you the best of luck in the future.

Well, with news breaking today that WR Chris Harper is leaving for the draft, that makes three for the Bears. Bad news comes in triplets right? So this should be it, right?