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Rob Likens is gone: Will Bryce Treggs, Chris Harper, Kenny Lawler & our WRs stay?

It's a question worth asking.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The departure of Rob Likens to Kansas is a blow, but not too much of a shock. For anyone who has been around Likens the past few years, you know that he has aspired to be a major head coach in college football.  Likens has done work as an offensive coordinator before at Central Connecticut State and Southeast Missouri State and has had the itch to become more than just a position coach. He was not going to move beyond his current spot at Cal anytime soon, so it was best for him to branch out and take the next step to his dreams elsewhere.

Anyone who can see the quality of the wide receiving play can see that he is an exceptional wide receiver coach, probably one of the best in the history of Cal football. I've never seen a more consistent unit at every spot, and I watched DeSean/Lavelle/RoJo/Stevens for three straight years. The quality of our wide receivers should be more than enough next season, but in the years after, whoever replaces him will have to be ready to coach their guys up. Although it's possible Sonny Dykes looks outside the program, I have a feeling we get an internal promotion and Jacob Peeler or Burl Toler gets the call.

Now, the question will be if we lose any of our receivers.

I'd be surprised if anyone left based on previous evidence, but losing Likens throws a monkey wrench into the proceedings as he's pretty well-loved by his receiving corps.

Stephen Anderson. He's a four-year player. I can't wait to see Stephen back there and being Goff's Mr. Reliable on 3rd down.

Trevor Davis. Davis had some outstanding moments but his injury probably hurt any draft stock chances and precluded him from making an early entree run. He'll be back.

Bryce Treggs. Bryce has stated over and over again that he and everyone else will be back, and I don't believe that news will change that. Treggs's senior leadership and sure hands are needed.

Kenny Lawler. Lawler is technically eligible as a redshirt sophomore and probably has the elite athleticism that would make him attractive to NFL teams. His catches are damned spectacular. I'm not quite sure if he's totally developed yet, and I feel he'll return for one more season.

Chris Harper. This is the one to watch. Harper has been a steady hand on the outside but also hasn't flourished into a number one option the way he looked like he might become his freshman season at Cal. With the depth at receiver and his numbers unlikely to explode in a senior campaign, Harper might test the waters and try his hand at the league.

What does everyone think?