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Outside receivers coach Rob Likens reportedly leaving Cal to be Kansas OC

A key member of the offensive staff is leaving for an OC position.

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Remember how we were all excited about returning something like 99% of our offense?! Well, here comes the mandatory Cal dose of doom!

We've got all our offensive players back, but not all our coaches. The band is breaking up, as Assistant Head Coach, Passing Game Coordinator, and Outside Receivers Coach Rob Likens is heading back east.

Cal assistant head coach and wide receivers coach Rob Likens will be the new offensive coordinator at Kansas, a source told FOX Sports Monday afternoon. He will join new head coach David Beaty's staff and hopes to spark an offense that ranked No. 115 in the nation in 2014.

I've been taking a look at Pac-12 salaries for a future CGB post and--spoiler alert--the Cal staff took some pretty big pay cuts, so money may have played a role here. Likens has also been open in conversations with Nam Le in the past about wanting to elevate to an OC become a head coach; this is the first step in that process and we can't fault the man for wanting to advance his career.

Who will be promoted to replace Likens? Can the Bears replicate his presence in the recruiting game? What's gonna happen to his BFFriendship with Coach Yenser? Who's gonna yell at Nam to get him to talk to women now?

Best of luck to Coach Likens in his future.