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Jim Mora, what's your deal?


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA Bruins head coach Jim Mora has had one of the weirdest weeks a football coach can have.

First he won the Alamo Bowl in pretty solid fashion. That's good!

Then he got annoyed at some Alamo Bowl hijinx by Kansas State and kind of shook off Bill Snyder in the post-game handshake. That's bad.

Then he went back for a second handshake and seemed to make amends in the postgame press conference. That's good!

Then he made a Tweet that said he'd defend his team forever. That's ... odd.

Then he deleted his Twitter account and made a new one that was totally private. Eh?

And now it appears he's looking back at the NFL as an option, perhaps with the New York Jets.

And now it appears that even though the rumors have been floating, Mora isn't quite interested. Yet.

Emphasis on "now". Who knows about "later".

This whole thing is weird. Is he just angling for a raise from the Bruins? Is he creating tension so he can expedite an exit from Westwood? What is his deal?

I don't know what Jim Mora is doing. Your thoughts on Mora, the Bruins, and this wild week for UCLA?