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Marshawn Lynch is at the Super Bowl! Share your Beast Mode memories

How many injury carts do you ride in his honor?

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Share your favorite memory (or if it's taken, your next favorite memory) of Marshawn Lynch.

Trace Travers: First game of Marshawn's college career, against Air Force. Breaks four tackles, and accelerates to the endzone with no trouble.

He then proceeded to break a tackle every single play of his Cal career, or so it seemed. My favorite Cal player to hit the Memorial Stadium turf.

Nick Kranz: Marshawn ghost riding the injury cart isn't just my favorite Marshawn moment - it's my 3rd favorite Cal football moment, behind only Tyler Fredrickson's FG to beat USC and Mikey Mo's interception of Andrew Luck.

And it's everything that sports should be and too often isn't. Fun, spontaneous, silly, inspired. How many players would even think of pulling the stunt? How many would consider it, then worry about getting in trouble? Marshawn didn't worry about anything like that, and thus left us with an indelible memory that had nothing to do with his on the field skills. The dude dragged Cal to an ugly win over Washington on two bad ankles, and that was a footnote in the end, because you remember his personality as much as the talent.

boomtho: #1 has got to be ghost riding the injury cart. I mean, come on - that is one of the coolest things I've seen in college football in my years of watching! I do also love an anecdote I read where he used to pretend to be tired to get Forsett reps, because he knew Forsett was super talented and didn't want to hog the spotlight. I don't care what the press (pissy about his antics) says about him - I LOVE Marshawn!

TwistNHook: If you go to YouTube and find Marshawn college highlights, there so many runs you forgot about that are just amazing. Like this one against PSU:

Even in 2004 as a freshman, he was spinning highlights all day long:

He was so dominant at Cal that you forget all the game to game grinding he did. One play that I cannot quite find a quick highlight for is Cal-Oregon 2006 when he stiff armed Patrick Chung. That is the most amazing stiff arm I have ever seen.  We use it as a cover photo for our twitter page. I would say that that is my favorite memory of Marshawn at Cal. It isn't even a touchdown, it was in a blowout victory for Cal (remember when that occurred?). But it was truly glorious.

Ruey Yen: Given that Marshawn matriculated at Cal after I have just graduated, I have only got to see him in action in a live game once - the 2004 Big Game (which coincided with my Thanksgiving break from grad school). While J.J. Arrington was compiling the yardage (and he totally should have been invited to the Heisman ceremony that year), Marshawn showed the ability to put up amazing numbers himself had he gotten all the snaps. While the 2004 Big Game win did not send the Bears to the Rose Bowl, it was still quite a special game to be at. The highlight of that game has got to be Marshawn's big run, bulldozing over Stanford players left and right for the TD (see Twist's 2nd video above). It's the type of Marshawn play that we have all come to expect, Marshawn's combination of power and speed caused defenders to look silly (in this case sillier since they are already dressed in Stanford uniforms) trying to slow him down.

Bonus fun Marshawn memory is his appearance on this Kenny Mayne segment on ESPN. His comedic timing is just impeccable.