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Cal basketball recruiting scouting report: Tyler Dorsey, our next great point guard?

What happens if Tyrone Wallace leaves for the NBA? Well if we get this guy, we won't worry about any dropoff in terms of talent.

Harry How/Getty Images

The Bears are on the recruiting trail once more for a Combo Guard who could be the next PG in our great lineage. Let's take a look at what he could bring to the Bears next season.

Here's the General Info:

Name: Tyler Dorsey

School: Maranatha High School

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6-4

Weight: 180

Considering: Cal, Kansas, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona State, UConn

The once Arizona Commit, reopened his recruiting after feeling that he "did not provide [himself] with the greatest opportunity to explore and thoroughly investigate all [his] college options." That gave us the opportunity to go back for his signature.


  • Offensive Prowess. 3-Point Shot, Mid Range, Off The Dribble, Catch and Shoot, Slash, Drive and Pull Up, Post. Is there anything this kid can't do? Just take a look at this. In 15 games, he is averaging 32 PPG, 11 RPG, 4.5 APG, 2 SPG, and 1 BPG. If that doesn't amaze you analyze these numbers, 38,28,40,41,36,44,42,27,43. Those aren't his minutes...those are the points he scored over his last 9 games.  Statistically that is insane, but its his non-statistically attributes that highlight his talent. His ability to be aware of the defense and change his approach is second to none. For example, many times, he drives to the basket and if a defender bodies him up, he stops and pulls up for an easy jump shot. His driving ability is amazing as well. From full speed drives, to jump stops and euro steps, Dorsey can get to the basket at will. But what separates him from the rest of the combo guards in his class is his ability to pass.  This keeps defenses from focusing on just one part of his game. One more part about his offensive game is his ability to go left or right. He seems pretty confident about either hand. Although he hasn't fully developed his left handed finishing, he doesn't lack confidence about playing with it.
  • Open Court Play. The kid can flat out fly. His ability to run from baseline to baseline is top class. His ball handling helps him beat defenders and his vision helps him to see the better offensive option than him. His elite athleticism also helps him breakaway from the transition defense to finish at the rim.
  • Drive and Motor. He just does not stop battling. Whether it is on the glass, defense or offense, Dorsey does not stop working. If he misses a shot, he always follows for the offensive rebound. At 6-4 he is a great rebounder and his positioning is good, paired with his explosiveness, he could be a guy that averages 5+ rebounds as a guard in college. It is evident that he plays with a lot of emotion as well. On missed free throws and and-1 opportunities, you can see him very upset with himself. His mental game is very strong and necessary for a position with the ball in his hands consistently. I have yet to see him fazed in any game. Even playing against Ben Simmons, the #1 Prospect in the country, Dorsey was relentless and constantly attacked the forward who outmatched him in terms of size.
  • His game is still maturing. Yes, his talent/athleticism is there, and his ability to do what he wants on offense is quite amazing, but he has still yet to fully develop tempo control for the game. Knowing when to push the ball, pull back, when to play facilitator, and so on. That'll come with playing against higher competition but for now he does need to work on changing the game tempo for the team and not to his style of play.
  • Transition to Team Basketball Play. At this point in time he is playing as the #1 player on his team, and sometimes over handles the ball as he feels the need to carry his team. His passing ability will help him adjust but in my opinion won't be too much of an issue as he transitions to the next level.

So How Will He Fit in at Cal?

Assuming that this is Tyrone Wallace's final season at Cal, he would come right in to start at the PG spot. Adding another scoring option would open up opportunities for guys like Bird and Mathews. And if we were to pick up Rabb as well, then that further helps the balance of our team. His athleticism and motor will not only add to our team but also will make him a fan favorite at Haas Pavilion very quickly. In terms of rotation, I see him playing off-ball when we play a small ball lineup with Singer, Mathews, Bird lining up beside him when not running the point, but he will predominantly play with the ball in his hands to facilitate the offense.

The kid is really good, and if the pieces fall for us, we could be looking at an amazing talent to play for us even though that may be only for one year. Go Bears!