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The second Cal Football Recruiting update is kind of not so good

Avi brings the half-full glasses, but I take 'em back to half-empty.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, remember when just a few hours ago, Avi gave us a promising update on some of recruits whom Cal is targeting?

Well, I'm here to remind you that nothing good happens this time of year!

Other schools are making hard last-ditch efforts to win over our recruits and it may be working...

Up first, let's look at new offensive line coach Brandon Jones's effort. Which didn't exactly work out the way we'd hope, with 3-star offensive tackle Johnny Capra committing to a conference enemy...

My second update for you is... eerily similar. Three-star offensive tackle Nick Buchanan is entertaining offers from other schools. Can we blame Sandy Barbour for Penn State's new interest here?

Last, we've got an old enemy back to haunt us. Good ole Jim Harbaugh decided he couldn't wait for the next Cal-Michigan non-conference (or bowl...?) match-up to screw us.

This batch of recruits having second thoughts about Cal is all focused on players who would have been coached by our recently departed Likens and Yenser. Is it possible they're not too happy about our new/unofficial/unannounced/non-existent coaches? Is it all coincidence?

How full is your glass with doom?