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Cal offensive line coaching candidate: Ryan Silverfield, once Minnesota Vikings assistant O-line coach

Only candidate we know of so far.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The California Golden Bears have a big priority: Finding a new offensive line coach. Cal is likely to replace Rob Likens with graduate assistant and future recruiting presence Jacob Peeler at outside receivers coach.  No such internal promition will likely exist with Zach Yenser, as most of Cal's offensive graduate assistants are mostly happy.

Coaching Search gives us our first name to watch in 34 year old Ryan Silverfield. Silverfield has about a decade of experience, particularly on the professional level. Silverfield was an assistant offensive line coach in two stints from the Minnesota Vikings (2008, 2011-13). He has also spent several years coaching at Hampden-Sydney College (alma mater) in various capacities, and also spent time as an assistant at Jacksonville University and UCF. Jeff Faraudo reported that Silverfield was interviewed by the Bears.

Silverfield didn't coach last year, as he wasn't retained by Minnesota last season. It's good to see someone with professional experience on the table. Also, plenty of NFL teams execute out of the two point stance, the same base which Cal's offensive line use, so it makes sense to look for an assistant with professional experience.

Cal fans, what do you think of Silverfield as an offensive line coaching candidate?