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CGB Fantasy Bowl Pick 'em Recap

Congrats to Montezuma's Revenge for triumphing over the rest of us in CGB's annual Bowl Pick 'em league!

One upside of avoiding a bowl game: you don't have to walk around in wet shoes.
One upside of avoiding a bowl game: you don't have to walk around in wet shoes.
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Although we've been "enjoying" the offseason for more than six weeks, half the nation's teams participated in a postseason featuring a full slate of 39 bowl games, culminating in ESPN's newest cash cow: the college football playoff.  As is our custom, we put together another CGB Bowl Pick 'em league and several of you participated.  After four weeks of bowls, the dust has settled and a narrow victor has emerged from the fray.

Congratulations to Montezuma's Revenge!

I was a bit concerned because AnOregonDude'sPicks held the lead for much of the latter half of the bowl schedule.  Fortunately our feathered fiend finished third behind winner Montezuma's Revenge and runner-up Patrick's Primo Pick Set, who lost by a single point.  It was a close, bitter defeat for Patrick, one which no doubt stings a bit more because Patrick led the league with 27 correct picks.  Below I have listed the final standings.

I was surprised to see that nearly 30 of our 35 participants had between 18 and 23 correct picks.  The standings were largely determined by the confidence points rather than simply picking the largest number of games correctly.  I'm impressed by the number of correct picks made by those in the bottom ten.  Hopefully that dulls the immutable pain of losing.  Speaking of immutable pain, several of us forgot to pick a winner in the title game.  I suppose that shouldn't be a big deal because you all would have picked Oregon anyway.  Some of the blame also rests with Yahoo's system, which didn't allow us to pick the championship game's winner until after January 1st.

Rounding out the top five are Cal Dragonboat and Sidewinder.  LEast Coast Bears triumphed over the rest of us mods/writers and gets dibs on the comfy chair at the CGB offices this year.

Thanks for participating!  We hope to see you again many, many months from now during the 2015 regular season pick 'em league.  Until then, try to find some way to enjoy the offseason.