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Trey Cheek leads the Cal Band caption contest! Plus Pat Fitzgerald caption winner

Give us your best!

Cal football with Cal Band and Student Section
Cal football with Cal Band and Student Section
Golden Blogs

After the game, Cal players headed on over to what remained of the student section and the Cal Band to sing the Cal fight song!

Eventually Trey Cheek took matters into his own hands and decided to lead the group himself.

Submit your captions for Trey conducting the Cal Band below!

Last week's contest winners (click here for the full thread of caption posts)


3 recs

bearwarg: I guaranteed myself I wasn't gonna cry.

5 recs

Beastmode Equipment Cart: Should I have faked some injuries in the first half? I was saving the fakes for the second. Ohh….

Berkelium97: Maybe if I fake a wrist cramp I won't have to shake his hand.

6 recs

Fire Starkey: "Who are those dicks in sec232?"

Second place: 7 recs

j.lee: Why didn't Nam tell me all about Luke?!

CHAMPION: 12 recs

KetamineCal: "My feelings can't fake being hurt."