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Hey, at least we're watching exciting football.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Soooooo, Cal football this season is definitely entertaining. How much do you enjoy watching this football team so far? What would you say was the last Cal FB team that really entertained you?

TwistNHook: Well, this is significantly better than the last few years. We have a stunning offense. The last time we looked even remotely this good would be, imo, 2009. We had some big wins that year. Arizona and Stanford come to mind, naturally. We've ranged from barely above-average to truly terrible since then. I suspect our wins total may not be so amazing this year (5, 6), but at least all the games will be exciting. Exciting in all the right ways, but also all the wrong ways (coughdefensecough). This is major progress coming from last year when we not in any games, really, and it was extremely uninteresting.

Remember, our biggest win from UW 2009 to the present remains our close loss to Oregon in 2010.

Nick Kranz: It's a little simplistic to give all the credit to one player, but to me Cal football hasn't been consistently entertaining since Jahvid Best, who was so incredible that he made games worth watching all by himself.

Jared Goff might be approaching that level of talent with the variety of throws he can make, and with the collection of skill position players he can throw to.

Leland Wong: Cal football is mostly fun again, when I'm not pulling my hair out in anxiety. It's nice to have a reasonable chance at winning heading into games and, in addition to our impressive offense, I'm loving watching our defense and players like Brennan Scarlett, Jalen Jefferson, and Griffin Piatt. Moving into the tough part of our schedule, we might not have a good shot at winning, but I still feel pretty confident that we have enough playmakers on both sides of the ball to keep the game somewhat entertaining.

I guess I'm just more easily amused than my CGB brethren, but I think Cal football was still entertaining through 2011. It's not to say we won every game, but we still had great athletes (e.g., Keenan Allen, Isi Sofele, CJ Anderson, Marvin Jones, and Mychal Kendricks) who could make fun highlight-worthy plays.

Sam Fielder: I've only gotten to watch 2.5 games so far, but in that small sample size and following along the CO game on twitter and getting text updates, the excitement level that I feel is akin to 2007 and DeSean Jackson. I feel like every time Cal has the ball almost anyone on the offense could take it all the way. There is just so much talent there that it makes you think that we aren't ever truly out of a game and will always have a chance to score.

Berkelium97: This is the same Sonny Dykes team that we thought we would have when we hired him. They'll win some butt-puckering 59-56 games and lose some heartbreaking 45-49 games. Watching these games is equal parts fun and nerve-wracking. My own personal preference is to watch teams win with great defense. I enjoyed the 15-13 loss to Oregon in 2010 much more than I enjoyed the loss to Arizona this year or even the win against Colorado last weekend. Nonetheless, I'm having a good time watching this team so far. Ask me again after we play UCLA, Oregon, USC, and furd in the span of five weeks.

Compared to recent teams, this is about as enjoyable as watching the 2008 team. That team was a fundamentally flawed team that was carried by a periodically explosive offense and a great defense. I loved watching Best, Follett, and Syd terrorize opponents but sometimes our offense would struggle painfully (especially in that USC game). Our current team is a fundamentally flawed team carried by a great offense and periodically strong defense. Watching Goff's surgical attack against opposing defense is great fun, but it's terribly frustrating that we cannot close out a game or, over the last 5 quarters, have a shred of defense.

The last team that really entertained me was the 2006 team, however. That was the last great Cal team. It was conference-championship caliber on both sides of the ball and full of fantastic playmakers with NFL talent. Fun fact: that was the first Bears team to sweep the Pac-12 North schools since we shared the Pac-8 title in 1975.

Nick Kranz: Of course, if we're looking for a year in which Cal had a good offense and a bad defense, and thus any game was liable to turn into an insane, heart-palpitating shoot-out, then the most obvious candidate I'm aware of would be 1996. Steve Mariucci was Cal's head coach and offensive architect, and behind Pat Barnes and Dameane Douglas Cal could score with anybody.

And the only games Cal won that year were insane shootouts. 48-42 over OSU? 42-37 over SDSU? 56-55 over Arizona, in 4 OTs? Just par for the course. It's a shame Cal didn't have a half-decent defensive coordinator, or that team might have made some real noise in the Pac-10.

Ruey Yen: Since winning is fun, this year's team is already 3 times more entertaining than last year. Since we're a Pac-10/12 team, offense has always been on the forefront, unless those boring SEC sieges. Nevertheless, the fun factor is that much higher due to the sheer increases in the number of plays that have been ran. I would even add that our shaky defense is adding to the entertainment value of this season so far, since 3 games have basically went down to the end. I actually can't recall an year where we have that many games that were decided until this late. So if this small sample size somehow continues (not necessarily likely given how the schedule is expected to get tougher), this may be the most exciting Cal Football season ever.