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The CGB staff discusses the 2015 football schedule

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Who cares if we aren't even halfway through the 2014 season? Let's talk 2015!

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In case you missed it, the 2015 football schedule was released about two weeks ago. Because 2014 was so yesterday.

Date Opponent
September 5 Grambling State Tigers
September 12 San Diego State Aztecs
September 19 at Texas Longhorns
September 26 at Washington Huskies
October 3 Washington St. Cougars
October 10 at Utah Utes
October 17 BYE
October 22 (Thurs.) at UCLA Bruins
October 31 USC Trojans
November 7 at Oregon Ducks
November 14 Oregon St. Beavers
November 21 Big Game (at Stanfurd Cardinal)
November 28 Arizona St. Sun Devils

So, the CGB staff got together to stop worrying about 2014 football for a minute and to start worrying about 2015 football!

boomtho: A few of my thoughts in no particular order...

1. Non conference schedule: I like it a lot as a potential season ticket holder! We get to open with Grambling State's Band (football team optional) and then have a tough test against perennially competitive SDSU. Those two games are immediately followed by a trip to Austin which I will hopefully be making to watch our Bears maul Bevo on their home field. It's a tough non conference slate, no doubt, but it will be full of entertaining games and games that should prepare the team well for the slog of the Pac-12 schedule. If we can go 2-1 that would be a great start, and 3-0 is certainly within the realm of possibility.

2. The schedule is backloaded, much like this year: Opening with UW, WSU, and Utah is much closer to the easy end of the Pac 12 spectrum. We will have no byes, which is a concern, but it's definitely a chance to get some (or maintain!) momentum after the tough non conference schedule. We'll have to win at least 2, if not 3, of these games to be in good shape for a bowl heading into the second half of the schedule.

3. The bye is reasonably well placed: We'll be well rested heading down to UCLA. It's a bummer this game is on a Thursday (the LA trip is tons of fun for many fans), but that's the price we pay for expansion and the Pac-12 networks, I guess.

4. The back half of the schedule is brutal: USC, @Oregon, OSU, and @Furd (which isn't any kind of home field advantage). We'll be lucky to go 1-3 in that stretch if things stay somewhat like they are today, IMO.

5. Not the best year for home games: The road games (Texas, UW, Utah, UCLA, Oregon, and Furd) are more appealing games IMO.

HydroTech: That is one tough road schedule. I'm really liking the OOC schedule though.

Ruey Yen: Obvious complaint first: Big Game is again not the last game of the season. Even though this is not unexpected, it is still rather annoying.

Not playing Colorado or Arizona certainly make the schedule look that much tougher.

The 2015 home schedule doesn't look like much outside the U$C game and the visit by the Grambling State band, but does one needs to buy that to secure a spot for the 2016 home schedule? Probably not.

Finally, I'm mildly surprised by the lack of a neutral site game. I thought the Athletics Department was trying to do a game at Levi every year or something like that.

TwistNHook: I think it is in Cal's best interest to place the home games of the home and homes on the odd years. Our home slate in the odd years is worse than the even years. So, tack on an Ohio State (plus NU) and BAM you got a sick schedule! 2016 is going to be amazing, because we have Oregon, UCLA, UW etc etc PLUS Texas. That'll be real fun.

We do not want to end up with a Stanford 2014 schedule with 1 game of any note (USC). OSU and WSU are not big draws. Then, we'll have one of Utah/Colorado/ASU/Arizona. None of those teams are really big draws unless they happen to be super duper great at the time. So, we need to tack on a OOC game of note to really emphasize the awesomeness.

Also, didn't they release this info super earlier than normal???

Leland Wong: Of course Twist's contribution relies on his intimate knowledge of Furd football.

For my two cents on the recurring debate of scheduling the Big Game, I'm okay with the Big Game being the penultimate game of the regular season as long as the last game is on Thanksgiving week. I know this is a divisive issue for the fanbase, but I personally think it's best to ensure the students will be on campus for all the traditional Big Game activities.

I'm a bit scared of that second half of the schedule. Every team after our bye has established themselves to be in the top half of the conference. Playing UCLA at the Rose Bowl and facing Oregon State late in the season make it seem like we just can't catch any breaks.

Also, for the least meaningullest contribution of this roundtable, I'm amused that for each "natural" pair of Pac-12 schools (i.e., the in-state schools, Bay Area, LA, and the mountain schools) where we're playing both teams in 2015 (i.e., Washington, LA, and Oregon schools), we're playing each pair back-to-back. Well, with that poorly explained point, my job here is done.