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Cal Football Training Camp Day 6 Open Thread

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Open practice comes early (at noon) today for the California Golden Bears. There are just mere 3 weeks until the Northwestern game rematch.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

You may have today off, but work goes on for Cal Football and CGB's very own Nam. Find out what is happening in today's practice session.

Reminder: Follow these guys below on Twitter for instant updates on what is going on at the practices.

CGB on-site reporters

@GoldenBlogs: But you're already following us.

@AGuyNamedNam: Nam will provide whatever information he can.

Cal football

@CalBearBlog: Jonathan Okanes is reporting for on their official blog.

@CalFootball: All the official action post-practice here.

@CalAthletics: Probably no live-tweeting, but it's kind of just our athletic program.

Remaining reporters

@RGBearTerritory: Ryan Gorcey from Scout.

@DanGreenspan: Dan Greenspan from Scout.

@CalRivals: Grant Marek from Rivals.

@JeffFaraudo: Jeff Faraudo from Inside Bay Area.

@crumpackeroncal: John Crumpacker from the Chronicle.

@M_Vernon: Mike Vernon, Cal beat writer for the Chronicle.