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The Cal football twitter directory

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The following - born out of a summer boredom - is not intended to be a complete, nor definitive list of who to follow. It is, however, intended to be a resource that will hopefully improve your engagement with Cal football at large, with the use of an increasingly popular social media service.

I only bothered with public accounts. Have made my own personal comments where applicable.

Feel free to add suggestions where I missed. I'll be making a revision of this in summers/seasons to come.

Official Cal accounts

@calfootball, @cal



Double duh. Recently seem to be under improved management as of late, though - they are much more active and fast to respond to questions.


When they're not out on the field, they can be found on Twitter here


Run by @berserkinberk, this account is dedicated to informing the students about upcoming deals, games, and for general humor.

@calbearblog, @calathletics

Occasional articles from Jonathan Okanes.

Cal coaching staff

Notably far more advanced and active on social media than the Tedford administration, these guys should all be considered essential.

Sonny Dykes (@calcoachdykes)

The head man himself. He doesn't seem like he actually tweets out of his own account much, though. (Parodied at @NotSonnyDykes)

Zach Yenser (@calcoachyenser)

Probably, for my money, the funniest staff member on social media. Regularly tweets about food, traveling, and posts limited film cutups. So on and so forth. (Parodied at @NotCoachYenser)

Rob Likens (@calcoachlikens)

And if it's not Yenser who's the funniest, it's this guy. Make sure you get both of the above. (Parodied at @NotCoachLikens)

Pierre Ingram (@pingram1)

Marc Tommerdahl (@mtommerdahl)

Tony Franklin (@CoachTF)

Really, really wish that Coach Franklin tweeted more. I want to get inside the mind of the mad scientist so badly.

Greg Burns (@CoachGregBurns)

The only defensive coach who uses social media somewhat regularly. Part slam poet, part motivator.

Fred Tate (@CalCoachTate)

Largely quiet defensive staff among these three.

Art Kaufman (@CalCoachKaufman)

Garrett Chachere (@CalCoachChach)

Scott Salwasser (@CalCoachSal)

Assistant S&C Coach. I'm fond of shouting out who's on #TIREWATCH to him at the practices.

Damon Harrington (@coachdamon51)

Molder of men. President at the Build a Bear factory. Also has a parody at @NotCoachDamon. Unclear if he is behind that one too.

Media and CGB Staff

The people who help covering the program you so love.


Also duh. If you're not following us already, we hate you.

Mike Vernon (@M_Vernon)

New Cal beat writer for the Chronicle

Jeff Faraudo (@JeffFaraudo)

Covers Cal for Bay Area News Group

Kyle Bonagura (@BonaguraESPN)

College Football/Pac-12 writer for ESPN

Cal Rivals (@calrivals)

Self explanatory - between Rivals and Scout, you have most of the guys breaking most of the news that allows us to do our work. I always say we have the easy job - writing what we think about it.

Ryan Gorcey (@rgbearterritory)

Avinnash Kunnath (@avinashkunnath)

Basketball stuff, long time Bills sufferer, vice president of CGB snark (I'm technically the president, here.)


Just in case you don't get enough of him in the DBD or the comments section.

Marc Tausend (@manbearcal)

The man. The legend. The former CGBer. Now based out of Seattle.

Scott Chong (@kodiakcgb)

If you have both me and Scott on your Twitter feed, be prepared for the never ending back and forth of NO YOU'RE THE HEAD FOOTBALL WRITER NO YOU. (Tag, you're it, Scott.)(No, it's you, Nam.)

Former ESPN Blogger of the Year. Personal hero.

Lindsay Brauner (@lindzcatharine)

Very capable blonde reporterette :)

Vlad Belo (@GoldenBearVlad)

No word on if Ohio Bear is still around.

Hydro (@CGB_HydroTech)

Football analyst extraordinaire. Really wish he tweeted more.

Nicolas Kranz (@NorCalNickCGB)

Your main guy for Cal women's basketball.

atomsareenough (@atomsareenough)

Tweets about Cal and other stuff. Also loves to give me harassment. Common theme on this list. Privated, but accepts follows.

TheScientist019 (@TheScientist019)

Sensitive Scientist and valuable CGB contributor

Sam Fielder22 (@SamFielder22)

Does not yet tweet much. Should.

Nam Le (@AGuyNamedNam)

Bruin who refuses to tackle the Furd tree. Would look better as a blonde. Should tweet more.

Cal players

Way too many to list. I'll just run some notables and the guys whose feeds I would personally endorse.

Cameron Walker (@cameronbw3) - The most entertaining and consistently funny player on the roster, in my opinion.

Donovan Frazer (@d_fraz61) - Lover of pro wrestling and A's baseball and comic books. Sneaky underrated, despite not being well-known to most.

Bryce Treggs (@brycetreggs) - Rarely active, but worth your follow because he's usually dropping some sort of major statement when he does.

Ray Hudson (@rayhudson11) - Team Madden champion.

Luke Rubenzer (@lukerubenzer7) - Leader of the Fanny Pack Crusade. Questionable fashion sense aside, genuinely entertaining person with a great sense of humor.

Darius Allensworth (@DNice_KTA) - For your daily dose of Drake.

Jared Goff (@JaredGoff16) - Tweets only once in a while.

Matt Cochran (@MattCoch) - Refreshingly little about football, Matt Cochran's twitter feed is very diverse and points toward some really varied interests. I think I've seen him quote T.S. Eliot before. Been quiet for a bit though.

Jackson Moffett (@JMoffett15) - Recommended by Ryan Gorcey.

Addison Ooms (@AddisonOoms) - Because he heard in class that I was writing this article, and he asked me to include him. There you go, Addy.

Cal Twitter

An incomplete list of the dorks and diehards who actively discuss, break down, moan, bitch, cry, and commiserate over each Cal Athletics related development, large and small. We're friendly and tight-knit, and generally very supportive of each other. I promise. Follow some of us, tweet with us, whatever you like.

Names listed in no particular order, and no disrespect meant by anyone who didn't get a comment - I just put them down as they came to me and got too lazy to rearrange. Have tried to add a small blurb where possible, in order to frame expectations of their respective feeds.

Isaac Williams (@berserkinberk)

Aforementioned micman.

Josh Toyofuku (@jtoyofuku8)


Ethan Novak (@EthanNovak)

No Cal ties beyond being friends with me and some of the guys on this list, but has been informally adopted into the community. Wrote a nice piece on us in the middle of the disaster that was last season.

Dallas McMurry (@dalmcm)

A word of warning - if you follow all four of the names above, be prepared for a lot of cross-talk, because they (and I) are ALWAYS talking to each other.

Michael Rollins (@mr_ollins)

If you like to see me getting harassed or flustered, this guy is a must-follow.

Ben Weise (@B1GBenW)

Ref School graduate. Now doing school at Indiana.

"Addy" (@TheAdmiral6)

Not actually an admiral. I found that one out the hard way. Tweets often about the A's, too.

David Seawright (@DavidSeawright)

Former Cal kicker, and thoughtful conservative political tweeter, if you're into that kind of thing. I mean that in the best way possible, David. #SeawrightForPrez

Ed Yevelev (@edyevelev)

Coverer of Bay Area prep sports for the Marin Independent Journal. Lover of Pitbull.

Max Chang (@chang_max)

Utah Jazz and other stuff.

Lawrence Ross (@alpha1906)

He prefers being called Mister.

Rob Hwang (@rob11hwang)

Shoe game extraordinaire.

Motoki Bandai (@mbandai)

Rico (@oso_peligroso_)

Matt Ha (@matthaaa)

Other Mic Man.

Roderick Cochran (@calpoppabear209)

Still wondering if he has any other Cochran kids on the way.

Steve Kroner (@SteveKronerSF)

He also prefers being called Mister :)

Aaron Moy (@AaronMoy)

Twitter problems? Complain to him.

Matt Twamley (@Twams)

Ric Ellis (@RicEllis85)

I'm not holding it against him for heading to Oklahoma State, but you sure can. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, homes.

Larry Berroya (@Berroya)

Diana George (@CalAlumni81)

Fond of hugs.

Peter Symonds (@peter_symonds)

Someone appreciates my puns. That someone is Peter.

Ken Montgomery (@MontgomeryKen)

Well-known former mic man and Cal supporter extraordinaire.