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Cal football: Maximo Espitia suspended for season, Christian Okafor medical retirement

Just some quick roster updates.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Nam will have your official writeup on today's Cal football practice for tomorrow, but there are a few roster changes you might want to know about.

Maximo Espitia was listed as a starting outside linebacker on the spring depth chart, but he appears to have made a Bluthian mistake  and has been suspended for the entire 2014 season. Sonny Dykes says it's "pretty serious".

Damariay Drew (who saw plenty of time at safety last season) is still facing investigation for assault charges and has legal issues to work out, so he remains suspended indefinitely.

Christian Okafor (who started much of last season as an offensive tackle) has taken a medical hardship waiver and will keep his scholarship. His scholarship will not count against the 85 scholarships set aside for Cal players.

James Grisom had some nice moments like this one last year...

But he will not be returning this year. Vachel Samuels is also not coming back.

Stay tuned tomorrow for all the latest updates.