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Golden Nuggets: Cal community explodes in celebration of big win

You know it! You tell the story! What do you tell the world because I really don't remember how it goes.

David Banks

It has been 357 days since our last win in football. It has been 693 days since Cal's last win over an FBS school. You can imagine that after a fairly strong performance in yesterday's win over Northwestern, Cal fans everywhere were a little excited. Just a bit.

The team took to song to properly express their excitement:

(Apparently Marvel movies are so big that post-credits scenes are things for football victory videos, too.)

After that initial burst of emotion, several members of our team took to social media to continue the celebration:

More singing in the locker room? Why not?!

You work hard, you get the hard hat:

And some other thoughts from other prominent members of the Cal community:

"Don't ever let them see you cry..."

Don't ever criticize the Daily Cal or they get angry. Personally, I LOVE being wrong when it comes to expecting Cal losses. Guess some people think personal pride or a future as a crystal ball is more important than that.

The Bears also spoke a bit more formally about their play and the big win.

On their motivation and mission despite being up big at one point in the game:

On LB Jalen Jefferson's game-saving interception:

And some general thoughts:

If you aren't a fan of social media, we've got a bit of a more formal wrap-up for you, complete with quotes and stats.

What these players will remember about the program's first win over a Football Bowl Subdivision opponent in 686 days was the atmosphere in the locker room afterward.

"Haywire, hectic," said quarterback Jared Goff, who threw three first-half touchdown passes. "We did the Bear Territory chant about eight times. Sang the fight song."

Safety Stefan McClure said the team practiced singing the fight song after a mock game in fall camp. "But it's nothing like singing it when it's for real, when you just got a win."

Two of our key linebackers (Jefferson and Michael Barton) shared their experiences:

Northwestern had driven to the Cal 27 when Jefferson sacked Siemian for an 11-yard loss. On the next play, Barton tipped Siemian's pass into traffic and Jefferson intercepted.

"I gave him a lot of love after the game," Jefferson said of Barton. "We actually made a bet of, whoever got the first pick would get each other's per diem, so I get his per diem now."

When it was jokingly suggested that the friendly wager may constitute an NCAA violation, Cal deputy director of athletics Solly Fulp responded, "We'll self-report it."

To end things, let's just remember that's Fitz gonna Fitz.

And now onto the quick links! It's been awhile since Twist fired me from the GN, so let's hope I'm not too rusty...

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