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8/30/14 Cal @ Northwestern 2nd Quarter Open Thread: Cal leads 14–0

2nd Quarter Open Thread

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Do you guys remember what it feels like for Cal to be in the lead? 140? What?!

Cal's burning redshirts like they're, well, redshirts. QB Luke Rubenzer and RBs Trew Watson and Vic Enwere have already seen their first game action as Bears.

On Cal's opening drive, we risked it on fourth down and successfully scored a TD!

On Northwestern's opening drive, they risked it on fourth down and, well:

Using a (surprising to all but Nam) two-quarterback system, Jared Goff has been performing strongly, throwing TD passes to Bryce Treggs and Kenny Lawler.

Things are going well so far. Let's finish out the half. GO BEARS!