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Cal football recruiting commit: Luc Bequette, Catholic for Boys defensive lineman

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Slightly silly sounding school name aside, welcome Luc, and Go Bears!

Coach, what do you think of the new commitment?
Coach, what do you think of the new commitment?
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, yes. Things had been quiet for several weeks after Ross Bowers announced for Cal at the opening, but with still plenty of room in the 2015 class, the silence was never destined to last for long.

Today, it broke with a commitment from all the way out of Little Rock, Arkansas, in the form of Luc Bequette, who becomes the second lineman in this cycle, next to Zeandae Johnson. We'll have a breakdown on Luc Bequette later this week. Probably Friday morning, since Thursday practice is closed...but for now, here's the tape of the future defensive lineman:

You can also read up on Bequette with this interview from Scout, which details some of his bloodlines and his long Arkansas lineage.

The Rankings:

Rivals: 2 stars

247sports: 3 stars [81], 80th ranked defensive end

ESPN: no page that I could find

Scout: no page that I could find.