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Golden Nuggets: Aaron Rodgers hits nothing but net; Keenan Allen adds speed, Steve Williams and Richard Rodgers look to make an impact

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NFL newcomers look to break into the league alongside fellow Golden Bears.

Jason O. Watson

Men's Basketball

Men's and Women's Tennis.

  • Cal's Tennis programs announce schedules for the Fall Season. The Men's program will face the US Junior National Team on Sept. 17, and then host the 14th annual Porsche Napa Valley Tennis Classic at the Meadowood Napa Valley Resort in St. Helena, California. The Women's program and All-American Lynn Chi will host the annual Nike Fall Invitational at from Sept. 26-28.

Men's Golf

Men's Soccer

  • Cal and Vancouver Defender Christian Dean selected to the US U-23 National Team.

This marks the second time and third time overall that Dean has been called into U.S. men's national team youth camps recently, after being included in the U-21 outfit earlier this year as part of U.S. soccer's preparation for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

"Christian has an incredible upside with his combination of skill and athleticism," California head coach Kevin Grimes said of Dean's inclusion in the roster. "His continued development in Vancouver will enhance his chances of success at the international level. We are all very proud of his call up to the U-23 USMNT."

  • Keep track of Cal men's soccer alums playing professionally with a new feature "Bear Are They Now?"

Cal Football

Check out this great feature by BearTerritory's Ryan Gocery on OL Chris Adcock.

Before he even has his Md., Chris Adcock has helped people half a world away to gain access to modern medicine, at the Christina Adcock and Sons Christian Hospital, which now serves 200,000 people in Western Ghana and sees roughly 10,000 patients per year.

Christina has since met with the Minister of Health, and got the hospital to be covered through the national health insurance.

"Now, people can go to our hospital, for free, and a big drive that we're doing right now, is we can buy health insurance for $15 a person, for a year, if they don't qualify for the national health insurance," Christina says. "Now, it's a nationally-accredited hospital, so it can receive health insurance for a lot of people, for free."

Now, where there was once abject poverty and no healthcare to speak of, closer than a four-hour car ride, is a completely modern, two-story medical facility, with a market across the street and a bank next door, all because Chris Adcock told his mom, "I'm going, with or without you."

"It's been a great experience for the three of us, and Garrett - they both - have huge hearts for Ateiku," Christina says. "It's been a life-changing experience for all of us."

While his experience in Ghana was a monumental one, Adcock has pressed on, back at home, double-majoring in business administration and interdisciplinary studies, with a focus on global health. In a way, his injury was a blessing in disguise.

"[Fall] semester was pretty tough," he says. "I made the choice, not knowing at the beginning that I was going to get hurt, usually I'll add more classes than I'm going to take, and then I whittle it down. By the time my injury happened, I hadn't whittled it all the way down, and decided to keep them all. I got a bunch of my classes done last semester, so I'm actually taking a reduced course load this semester."

During the spring, Adcock took MCAT prep courses on the weekends. Combine that with his 19 spring units, and, Adcock says, "last semester was, definitely, by far, the hardest semester that I've done."

National Football League

Watch Aaron Rodgers nail a 40 yard bomb, nothing but net. (video autoplays)

As for the other Rodgers in Green Bay...

"He moves well," quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. "Catches everything."

The passing game has always been the easy part for [TE] Richard Rodgers. He played wide receiver in high school before moving to tight end at California, where he bulked up to 275 pounds as a freshman and sophomore.

Last year, he lost 30 pounds to play a split-receiver position at 245. He's back up in the 270-275 range now and blocking as well as any tight end in camp, according to TE coach Jerry Fontenot.

"I've naturally just been better catching," said Rodgers. "I was a wide receiver in high school so blocking took some time. I'm still learning about blocking and hand placement and steps."

A couple of Bears are also making headlines in San Diego.

  • Steve Williams

"Williams actually caught the eye of Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco in 2011, when the former Colts Director of Player Personnel had ventured to "The Big Game" in Palo Alto to scout Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. Early in the game, Williams jumped an out route thrown by Luck, picking off the pass and returning it 45 yards to the Stanford four-yard line. Even though he was just a sophomore, that play stuck in the back of Telesco's mind. Luck, meanwhile, went on to be selected by the Colts with the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft."

  • Keenan Allen builds on his impressive rookie season by adding speed to his game.

"I'm a deep threat now," Allen said with a smile to U-T San Diego's Mike Gehlken.

The 6-foot-2, 22-year-old slipped to the third round in the 2013 NFL Draft in part because he ran a 4.71 40-yard dash. However, part of that time was due to him dealing with a PCL injury.

Now healthy, Allen was able to work on his speed during the summer. The added pace should help the receiver get deep more, but it also has sharpened his route running and can help keep defensive backs from recovering when the ball is in the air.