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Cal football depth chart released for Northwestern

Season finally feels real.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

You can download the depth chart PDF by clicking here.


Here are some early thoughts from the depth chart.

  • Khalfani Muhammad is the starting running back, beating out captain Daniel Lasco. Not that this really means anything. The starter might be the first down back, but I doubt that means Muhammad will be handed the first situation. Tre Watson and Vic Enwere are split as the third backs and both should see the field very, very soon.
  • Luke Rubenzer is listed as second QB along with Austin Hinder. I imagine the circumstances in which they enter games would be very different.
  • There are seven wide receivers listed as starters. Outside, we have Trevor Davis OR Chris Harper, and we have Kenny Lawler OR Maurice Harris. Then there's Stephen Anderson OR Darius Powe,  and then we have Bryce Treggs, who alone stands unchallenged. Starting WRs on this team feel like an oxymoron though. Every one of these guys will play, and probably more.
  • The offensive line starters held steady all season. LT Steven Moore, LG Chris Borrayo, C Chris Adcock, RG Alejandro Crosthwaite, RT Jordan Rigsbee have been your starters since the beginning of fall camp, and they will stay that way this year.
  • Matt Cochran is listed as a super-sub at either RG or C. He’ll be first off the bench if someone on interior needs a rest, with J.D. Hinnant next. Your backup tackles are Brian Farley and Dominic Granado.
  • Your defensive line starters: At defensive end, Brennan Scarlett and Todd Barr; at defensive tackle, Mustafa Jalil and Austin Clark. There's huge cause for concern, as half of this front is pretty small. Clark is a 5-11, 270 pound defensive tackle, and Barr weighs in at 250 pounds. The Big Game is already giving me night terrors.
  • The backup defensive line: Puka Lopa DE, Trevor Kelly DT, Tony Mekari DT, Harrison Wilfley DE. There's promise with some of these guys to work their way up during the season, but we will see.
  • Jalen Jefferson remains the rock at the WILL. The big question mark will be at the SAM, where Ray Davison won the job; Jake Kearney backs him up. How this holds up could determine how improved our defense is this year. Also critical: Mike Barton is at the MIKE with Hardy Nickerson still being brought back slowly.
  • As for the secondary...
  • Darius Allensworth, Cameron Walker and Cedric Dozier figure to rotate around as your top cornerbacks, with one of them ending up in the nickel considering our safety depth. Expect Caleb Coleman to be in there somewhere as well
  • Hey safety depth! It's not a thing!

  • You're wondering about Avery Sebastian, aren't you? It seems like whatever injury issues he has have kept him from climbing back up. He's on the travel depth chart, but he's behind the walk-ons. I doubt he will play unless everyone decides to get hurt.
  • As expected, James Langford won the starting kicking job.
  • Notables that are not on the traveling chart: DE Kyle Kragen, DE Sione Sina, CB Darius White. Nam thinks Kragen will redshirt.