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Episode three of The Grind: Looking back to Ted Agu, looking today at the worst bowler, and looking to the future at Northwestern

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The Bears have some skippity hoppity doo-doo fun, one linebacker bowls a game worse than his jersey number, and the team talks the importance of Ted Agu and the Northwestern game.

Did you ever think you'd see Jared Goff play patty cake with Chris Adcock? Or hear Coach Franklin talk about "skippity hoppity doo-doo?" Because these are things that exist.

The team also headed to Barney's Bowl-a-rama. The gifs are not as magical as their last trip, but we now know who's the worst bowler on the team. Who managed to be beaten by a three-year-old Dykes-spawn.

But it's not all fun and games for the Bears. Things turn serious as they look to and prepare for the Northwestern game, with the players explaining what they're looking forward when they get to greet the world as a new team.

Frankly, one of my favorite parts of the video is the footage of the beautiful locker room tribute to the late Ted Agu. With his uniform proudly displayed, a placard extols his high character and great influence on his teammates. These very teammates talk about the impact of Agu's life and how his presence continues to impact—and improve—their lives. Agu's 35 has also been emblazoned as part of the team's HOLD THE ROPE motto, which has survived from the Tedford era to this new age of Cal football.