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Haas Pavilion to receive a shiny, $10M upgrade

Come Fall 2015, Haas Pavilion is going to look like 10 million bucks.

Haas Pavilion gets an upgrade!
Haas Pavilion gets an upgrade!
Cal Athletics

Hot off the heels of the Memorial Stadium upgrade, Walter A. Haas Jr. Pavilion is all ready for a $10M upgrade to "enhance both the fan and student-athlete experience." Currently the home of five sportsmen's and women's basketball, volleyball, and men's and women's gymnasticsloads of training facilities and offices and locker rooms for more sports, our athletic department, and the site of midterms for stressed undergrads, this upgrade will benefit several among the Cal community.

"Haas Pavilion is much more than just another campus building," Deputy Director of Athletics for External Relations Phil Esten said. "What happens inside the corridors and on the arena floor cannot be replicated. These are shared experiences that forge an everlasting bond between the students and the University. With this announcement, we are entering the next phase of Haas Pavilion and are ushering in a renewed Cal spirit that strikes a balance between tradition and innovation. We are incredibly appreciative of the Haas family for recognizing the value in improving our current facilities to meet the ever growing needs of our student body."

The upgrade will focus on "a new center-hung scoreboard, upgraded sound and lighting systems, and modernized video production facilities."

When the Golden Bears and their fans return to Haas Pavilion in the fall of 2015, they will be greeted by a center-hung scoreboard that will feature state-of-the-art LED displays and new corner entrance and fascia LED displays on either end of the court. The overall dimensions of the scoreboard will be 28 feet by 13 feet on each of the four sides.

In addition, the project will include an enhancement to the public address system and acoustical treatments to improve sound quality throughout the venue. The lighting system will also be improved, and an expanded and modernized video production room will enrich fans' viewing experience.

Pictures and video of the envisioned changes are available online. H/T to Scootie for bringing this to our attention.