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Cal football presents The Grind, with guest speaker Herm Edwards!

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What do we have here?

Here are the essential nuggets in the second episode of The Grind, the 2014 Cal football edition of Hard Knocks.

You get a little bit of an inside look into the strength and conditioning of the Cal football team and the various exercises each of them have to perform to get ready for competition.

There's also the cooldown period, where you see the players relax and talk about bonding together. There was a wiffle ball batting competition of sorts, where you will learn all about the hitting abilities of various coaches and players. Sonny Dykes makes the crowd go wild!

The final few minutes are dedicated to Herm Edwards, who makes a nice little two minute cameo and delivers a good pep talk to the Cal football players.

We also get some awesome footage of his four interception performance against Washington State, a record that still holds to this day.

For those who missed the first episode, you can view it below (while clicking here for Kenny Lawler GIFication)!