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Cal football depth chart: Offensive predictions

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Let's predict who will be starting and backing up on our Cal football squad!

Cal football QBs posing
Cal football QBs posing
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We're approaching that time when Sonny Dykes has to reveal at least a decent sense of what our team's starters will look like when the season starts. Before he does that though, let's make an educated guess as to who he'll pick to line up the two-deep.

1: Jared Goff
2: Luke Rubenzer
3: Austin Hinder/Chase Forrest

Rubenzer was definitely favored to win the two spot and easily separated himself as the second best quarterback on the roster this fall camp. The bigger question is how they will be played this season. If it's a blowout, I imagine that Hinder will be used to finish games off and they'll try to preserve Rubenzer's four years. If Goff gets hurt to the point that he's out for a game, that redshirt will get burned.

Running back
1: Daniel Lasco
2: Khalfani Muhammad
3: Tre Watson
4: Vic Enwere

I'm not sure exactly if there will be a feature back on this roster. Neither Lasco nor Muhammad seem ready to handle a full load of carries at this point and the freshmen are still a year away. Expect a lot of platooning with this unit, and I could see two or three of these guys rotating as starters before we settle on our actual starter.

Wide receivers
Outside 1s: Trevor Davis, Kenny Lawler
Inside 1s: Bryce Treggs, Stephen Anderson

Outside 2s: Chris Harper, Maurice Harris
Outside 3s: Jack Austin, Patrick Worstell
Inside 2s: Darius Powe, Bryce McGovern
Inside 3s: Ray Hudson, Drake Whitehurst

For whatever reason, Harper hasn't cracked the starting chart this entire 2014 offseason, with both Davis and Lawler log-jamming those top two spots. I expect we'll see a lot of rotation between those top three wideouts on the outside with some occasional Harris sprinkled in there. The inside receivers seem to be more iron clad in Treggs and Anderson. I expect Powe and company to have their moments but expect one of the starters to always be in the game at some point. This is the deepest group on the team and the lone unit that could afford an injury without fearing for a decline in play.

Offensive line
Left tackle: Steven Moore
Left guard: Chris Borrayo
Center: Chris Adcock
Right guard: Alejandro Crosthwaite
Right tackle: Jordan Rigsbee

LT #2: Brian Farley
LG #2: J.D. Hinnant
C #2: Addison Ooms
RG #2: Matt Cochran
RT #2: Dominic Granado

I have no real clue on this one so I just went two deep here. I expect Cochran to be the #2 center in name but also he could be the primary backup guard as well. The walk-on Ooms has performed well enough that he could be in the mix for a #2 spot, but I could also see someone like Donovan Frazer or Vincent Johnson making the jump up into a backup guard position. Regardless, the drop off between the starters and the backups is steep. Health is paramount here.

Any thoughts on this potential depth chart? Any players I missed or put in the wrong spots? Let us know in the comments section!