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AP preseason poll: Cal will face five top 25 teams in six games

Gotta win September.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The top 25 was released. Surprise! Cal is not on the list. Not even a single vote. So much for Cinderella stories.

Cal will face five top 25 teams in the Pac-12 this season, with four of them coming on the home slate (sort of). This has definitely been an attractive home slate in the past, but it’s looking like a pretty brutal one this season. The ranked Pac-12 teams include the 3rd-ranked Oregon Ducks, the 7th-ranked UCLA Bruins, the 11th-ranked Stanford Cardinal, the 15th-ranked USC Trojans, the 19th-ranked Arizona St. Sun Devils, and the 25th-ranked Washington Huskies.

So Cal will have a six game stretch at the tail end of the season that includes the following opponents.

#25 Washington
#3 Oregon in Santa Clara
at Oregon State
at #15 USC
#11 Stanfurd

Cal will avoid the sixth top 25 team in the Pac-12, with Arizona State not on our schedule slate until next season. The six AP top 25 Pac-12 teams are a conference record.

What are your thoughts? All I can say is WIN SEPTEMBER.