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Injury update: RB Jeffrey Coprich out for up to 2 months; LB Nathan Broussard and S Quentin Tartabull out for the season

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Did someone forget to make his or her routine sacrifices to the football gods as we planned?

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Gorcey and Cal Rivals have confirmed that three Bears have sustained injuries, two of whom will be out for the year as a result.

RB Jeffrey Coprich was one of our veterans at that position, but hopefully we've got enough depth with Khalfani Muhammad, Daniel Lasco, and some of our talented freshmen (Vic Enwere and Tre Watson) that we'll be all right if Coprich takes the next few weeks off.

S Quentin Tartabull was previously named by Coach Dykes and our intrepid reporter Nam as being a freshman with the potential for earning play time in 2014 and could have helped provide critical depth to the secondary, especially against some of the pass-happy teams in the Pac-12

LB Nathan Broussard has been a surprising star so far; coupled with our stunning lack of depth at LB, this is a worrisome and particularly unfortunate development. With Broussard out, Nam projects Devante Downs is the most likely to step up and fill that space.

Maybe I'm a little jumpy after the injury epidemics of 2013 (and, to a lesser extent, 2012), but let's hope this isn't an ominous sign of things to come.