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Cal football presents The Grind, where we have a drone

How would you rate it?

What you will see a lot of in this:

Panorama shots of Berkeley. Hard to go wrong with this. Featured: The UC Berkeley campus, Bowles Hall, Memorial Stadium, etc.

A look at the kids setting up their dorm rooms.

Players getting fitted with their equipment and jerseys for the season, and also them briefly talking about the upcoming season.

Sonny Dykes gets all mic'd up, which includes talking about the movie Colors.

Both Rob Likens and Pierre Ingram get their Mic'd up moments. You've got some Kenny Lawler dancing, which leads to instant GIFication.

Our god view camera. I think that might have to do with our new drone.

And everyone finishes off the video by singing Fight For California, which officially means they know more of the Fight Song than Nam! Here's a little sample for those of you who haven't watched the video yet.

What do you think of Part 1 of the Grind? Let us know in the comments!