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Golden Nuggets: Cal has 100/1 Odds to win the Pac-12 Title, 500/1 Odds to win the National Championship

ESPN rounds up Bovada's odds that each Pac-12 team will win the conference title or national title. Not surprisingly, the Bears are a longshot.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Uncle Ted and friends at ESPN's Pac-12 blog rounded up the odds that each Pac-12 team will win the conference according to online sports book Bovada.

Among its division, conference and national-championship odds for college football, online sports book Bovada has made Oregon a 6/5 favorite to win the Pac-12 championship. The Ducks are a 1/2 favorite to emerge out of the North Division and are projected to meet UCLA, a 3/2 favorite in the South.

Following Oregon, here are the rest of the odds to win the Pac-12: UCLA 4/1, Stanford 5/1, USC 5/1, Arizona State 6/1, Washington 14/1, Arizona 25/1, Washington State 25/1, Oregon State 33/1, Utah 66/1, California 100/1 and Colorado 100/1.

Bovada also posted the odds that each team will win the national title.

After Oregon, the rest of the Pac-12 odds for a national title are: UCLA 16/1, USC 25/1, Stanford 33/1, Arizona State 66/1, Arizona 100/1, Washington 100/1, Oregon State 200/1 and California 500/1.

At least we're not Wazzu, Colorado, or Utah.  You can't even bet on their chances to win the national title.  How Washington State was overlooked in favor of Arizona, UW, OSU, and Cal is a mystery.