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Cal football recruiting commit: Ross Bowers, Bothell quarterback

Josh Rosen. Brady White. Jake Browning. Travis Waller. The list of quarterbacks that the Bears missed out on in the 2015 class is long as it is star-studded. We can, of course, debate ad infinitum about whether or not they could have, or even realistically should have snagged a commitment from any of these players, but...

Is this the face of the Bear Raid, post Goff?
Is this the face of the Bear Raid, post Goff?
Student Sports

...that conversation is now largely useless, because as of today, Sonny Dykes and company now have their signal-caller in: Ross Bowers, out of Bothell, Washington.

Bowers, who has played extremely well at the Elite 11 finals made his commitment official as part of the highly prestigious Nike "Opening" event -- you may remember it as the same one that Bryce Treggs committed to Cal at a few years before. Based on recent trends, it has been rare for quarterback recruits to change their minds at all because they are so crucial to building classes, so he is likely to be as solid a commitment as they come.

The 6'1, 170 pound quarterback also continues the long, illustrious tradition of Elite 11 players who head to Berkeley, being the 9th since 2003. Let's hope he ends up more like the Goffs and Longshores than the Kyle Reeds.

Welcome Ross, and Go Bears! We'll have a look at his tape to try to learn more about him later next week.

The rankings

247sports: 3 star [87], 22nd rated pro-style quarterback

Scout: 3 star, 58th rated quarterback

Rivals: 3 star

ESPN: 4 star [80], 12th rated pro-style quarterback