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Golden Nuggets: Lavelle Hawkins & Justin Forsett run a youth camp and Marshawn Lynch finally speaks to the media

Some of the most dangerous weapons of Tedford's offense are in the news with Lavelle Hawkins and Justin Forsett helping local youth with football and life, while we finally learn the secret to getting Marshawn Lynch to open up is a chair in a barber shop.

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This week, we've got three of Coach Jeff Tedford's most potent offensive weapons making the news.

Up first is WR Lavelle Hawkins (currently reunited with Tedford down in Tampa Bay) and RB Justin Forsett, who have been working with other NFL players to host camps for youth featuring football and life skills—at times for free (link claims to be to premium content, but allows for three free visits, so use cautiously or just open in an incognito/private browser).

Hawkins had put on a summer camp since being drafted into the NFL in 2008 at his alma mater Edison High School and was joined by Hamilton four years ago. They agreed with [Tyrone] Gross' vision to hold one free camp for the entire city and it became a reality Saturday morning with hundreds of kids filling Delta's De Ricco Field. The camp will continue at 9 a.m. today and Gross, who was The Record's 2000 player of the year at Lincoln High, said kids ages 8 to 18 are welcome.

"It's always an honor and a blessing to come out here and see all of these excited kids," said Hawkins, who was The Record's 2003 player of the year. He signed with Tampa Bay in April. "A lot of times, I'm more excited than they are, but they just don't know it."


"It's great to come out for these kids," said Forsett, who has been on five NFL teams in seven seasons. "We're fortunate and blessed to play this game, and for us to be able to teach some things we learned along the way to these kids is awesome."

Forsett's BFF, RB Marshawn Lynch, has a knack for staying in the news lately, but this time he opened up on an episode of Fox Sports 1's Back of the Shop to discuss the Super Bowl and how social media has changed the lives of athletes.

"You all ain't had to worry about no Instagram and Internet and all that," Lynch told [Daryl] Strawberry and [Eric] Davis. "You all get to live a different lifestyle. See, they all think this is living now ... but the living to me would have been going to do my thing. I can wake up in the morning, ain't got to worry about looking on the Internet, somebody saying, ‘Oh yeah, this and that and that and this.' And now everybody and their mama questioning me."

Check out the interview below as well as some other news featuring Cal and other alumni of the Tedford years.

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