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Cal pre-season depth chart breakdown

In which I think things about a list that won't matter in six weeks.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, for reference, the pre-camp depth-chart, with some thoughts and observations to follow.

  • First and foremost, Jared Goff is the guy. I'll write this again later, and probably multiple times this year, but I believe he'll finish as the guy, too.
  • Avi has already covered the big change at offensive line, which was kind of spotted in the dying days of spring ball -- Jordan Rigsbee has moved out to right tackle for now, after beginning to take some reps there toward the end. From this, I draw two conclusions: first, that the team is happy enough with Alejandro Crosthwaite's play (remember, Rigsbee has a ton of experience at guard), and second, that, unless someone (Granado?) surprises from the right tackle group over the next month, that Crosthwaite is likely to retain that job.
  • In other words, I'm guessing that the staff sees it like this: you can get not-bad to somewhat goodish play from both RG and RT (the current set up) or good RG and really poor RT play (Rigsbee and any other combination). The first one's probably preferable at this point.
  • Speaking of right guard, take a look at Michael Trani. Barely on campus and already the 2nd teamer. Wow.
  • Does that speak to right guard being a worry? Possibly? Probably? Okay, fine. Probably. [I don't see Matt Cochran as a natural guard, although he could be a guy they try out there later too.]
  • I would not read too much into where Sione Sina and Darius White are on the depth chart yet, or in the former's case, his lack of being on it at all. Both will be seen for their first real football related activities once camp starts, and everybody -- coaches included -- will get a better idea on them then.
  • The same comment holds true for the lack of Hardy Nickerson, as well, who will just be working his way back as camp starts.
  • The fact that Nathan Broussard is listed here is an encouraging sign regarding his rehab, though, in my opinion. Last fall, I felt that he was looking very, very improved as a player before he tore his ACL, and I expect he'll see the field a good portion this year, regardless of Nickerson's status.
  • Yeah, Chris Harper is technically not a starter, but like Likens said, all three will play, and Chris is working from the disadvantage of having missed pretty much all spring. I'm not worried, and I'm still backing him as the best guy in the bunch.
  • Note Erik Brown competing for third string already. Though he might redshirt this year, there's pretty much no doubt he'll be in the mix in 2015.
  • Weights tend to fluctuate and are overstated a lot of the time on these releases, but it's hard not to notice that all three starting linebackers are still on the smaller side, and that Ray Hudson leads the way as the biggest receiver.
  • Like most people, I do eventually expect Avery Sebastian to take over at strong safety as fall camp continues. Michael Lowe is a known commodity with not nearly as much playmaking potential.
  • With all due respect to Griffin Piatt, I do not see a real challenger for Stefan McClure at free safety now that Sam Atoe probably didn't qualify (his not being on the updated roster here is probably our best evidence). That job, despite Piatt's solid play all spring, should remain with #21, assuming nothing happens to him.
  • Huge surprise: Trevor Kelly at third team defensive tackle right now, even behind Austin Clark, who, if I recall correctly, took no spring reps. Hopefully the JUCO transfer has lost the weight that he needs to, because having him redshirt out there would be a massive disappointment to pretty much everyone. Myself and Marc Tausend particularly.
  • Maximo Espitia's omission from the depth chart does not help those suspension rumors. Nothing has been made public either way regarding his availability, though.
  • I've written in the past that I don't think the staff trusts the running back rotation, and judging from the fact that there are three freshmen listed at OR, that guess seems kind of right. Note the firm division between Muhammad and Lasco, before everyone else.
  • It would remain a huge surprise to me if Jeffrey Coprich takes carries of substance. Tre Watson and Vic Enwere have much higher upside already.
  • Mustafa Jalil has a much more preferable frame for the defensive tackle position, weighing a good 20 pounds more than Harrison Wilfley, but until I see him in a game -- and we haven't in close to two years -- I'm not expecting anything.