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Golden Recruiting Wire: Ross Bowers and his Elite 11 performance

Let's see how Ross Bowers and other Pac-12 recruits performed in the national quarterback showcase.

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Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Ross Bowers:

Hopefully a firm Cal commit, Bowers displayed promise at this year's Elite 11 QB competition. A pure pro-style QB, Bowers will be watching Goff closely over the next few years to figure out how to best get a hold on Sonny Dykes' high powered offense. It's nice that we've seemed to have made it a habit of grabbing an Elite 11 QB each year.

Josh Rosen:

UCLA commit Josh Rosen turned in a strong performance at Elite 11. The 6'4, 200+ QB is certainly not lacking in any physical attributes, and frankly reminds me a lot of Goff (except a bit bigger) at this stage in his development. UCLA will be lucky to have a strong freshman such as him on their roster. Seems unlikely that he'll be decommitting from Westwood anytime soon.

Ricky Town:

A pocketpassing blue blood who has NFL written all over him, Town turned in a strong performance this past week as well. A Trojan commit, it's safe to say that Town was just as impressive as his soon to be Westwood rival Rosen. At 6'4, 200+, USC had to fight to lure this product away from the likes of Alabama and FSU. He may be the most complete product that attended the camp this last week.

Brady White:

The ASU commit who broke our heart a few months ago, White turned in a solid performance at Elite 11. I wouldn't say he was as dominant as some of the previous mentioned contenders, but he definitely looked promising and ASU should be happy to get a talent like this. His accuracy and solid arm strength make him a good match for ASU's multi-dimensional offense.

Travis Waller:

Perhaps the quarterback with the largest ultimate upside of any of them at the camp, Waller turned in a strong (yet still raw) performance. If Waller can continue to improve his release and general throwing motion, he and the Oregon Ducks will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Very excited-but also a bit fearful-of how this player may affect the PAC 12 landscape in the next few seasons if he turns out to be as good as some people say he his.

Waller vs. White faceoff

Sam Darnold:

Another pocket-passing blue blood with perhaps the biggest arm at the camp, no surprise that Darnold is a USC commit; he's perfect for their offense.