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Cal football preseason depth chart released

Let's just go over the basics.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Nam will have more detailed report at some point, but here's a quick look at the early depth chart for Cal football, thanks to Grant Marek for getting this.

Offensive line looks set. We had a good idea about who would be starting up front. The biggest change is that Jordan Rigsbee will move from his position of center to right tackle with the return of Chris Adcock and Matt Cochran from injury. Steven Moore will stick at left tackle, Chris Borrayo at left guard and Alejandro Crosthwaite at right guard.

Running back. There’s no consensus yet. Khalfani Muhammad didn’t participate at all in spring camp but is listed as co-starter with Daniel Lasco. Jeffrey Coprich is your third-string man here.

Wide receivers. Trevor Davis and Kenny Lawler are listed as starting outside wideouts over the oft-injured Chris Harper, although don’t think Harper will see much of a reduction in playing time. Bryce Treggs and Stephen Anderson are your starters on the inside. Expect a healthy rotation of WRs here though.

Defensive line. Austin Clark and Mustafa Jalil return to the two deep, but the spring starters remain the same, with Brennan Scarlett and Kyle Kragen holding the edges and Marcus Manley and Harrison Wilfley in the middle.

Linebackers: Hey, we have six of these! And where did spring starter Maximo Espitia go? Nathan Broussard has moved into a starting role at the Mike while Jalen Jefferson and Michael Barton slot outside.

Secondary: Cameron Walker and Darius Allensworth remain entrenched as the starting cornerbacks, with Stefan McClure moving into a starting safety role alongside Michael Lowe.

What are your early thoughts?