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Pac-12 preseason poll: Cal finishes 6th in North

No shocker.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 media preseason poll has been released
, and what a surprise, the Bears are last.  Cal finishes with the lowest amount of support in the media poll possible, finishing in 6th place in the Pac-12 North by a wide margin. At the very least, 37 of the 39 voters believe Cal will finish last this season. At the very best, either 2 voters believe Cal will finish 5th (and 37 6th), or 1 voter believes Cal will finish 4th (and 38 6th).

Oregon is expected to win the division and the conference, getting the majority of Pac-12 North and Pac-12 champion ballots. UCLA is also expected to win the South by a wide margin and received a significant portion of the Pac-12 champion votes (13, compared to 24 for Oregon). USC and Stanford were voted as distant ends, with Stanford getting 2 Pac-12 champion votes, and USC 1.

Here are the ballots.

Pac-12 North standings

1. Oregon Ducks: 232 (37 1st place ballots)
2. Stanford Cardinal: 192 (2)
3. Washington Huskies: 142
4. Oregon St. Beavers: 125
5. Washington St. Cougars: 87
6. California Golden Bears: 41

Pac-12 South standings

1. UCLA Bruins: 231 (37 1st place ballots)
2. USC Trojans: 181 (1 1st place ballot)
3. Arizona St. Sun Devils: 163 (1 1st place ballot)
4. Arizona Wildcats: 119
5. Utah Utes: 82
6. Colorado Buffaloes: 43

Pac-12 champion: Oregon (24 votes), UCLA (13), Stanford (1), USC (1)