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Pat Fitzgerald swaggeringly guarantees victory over Cal (UPDATE: Sonny reaction)

And with that, the offseason is over.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, remember the week after we lost a close, narrow game to Northwestern? Remember how we all felt about Pat Fitzgerald and the questionable nature of the injuries some of the Wildcats sustained during the loss?  The feelings ran raw on both sides (as you can see from CGB posts like this one).

It seemed like everytime we got a first down they had an injury," Dykes said after the 44-30 loss in his first game as Cal coach.

Dykes stopped short of saying it was an intentional ploy by the Wildcats, but he was visibly upset on the sidelines when it continued to happen.

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald bristled at the suggestion of gamesmanship.

"If anybody were to question the integrity of myself, our program or our players, I question theirs," Fitzgerald told the Chicago Tribune. "When our guys get dinged up, they are instructed to go down, not hobble off to the sideline."

Asked if Dykes raised the issue during the postgame handshake, Fitzgerald replied: "You can ask him."

Well, the Pat never forgets. He reiterated as much at a charity golf tournament this past week, where he stated how much he's looking forward to starting off his season with a victory over Sonny Dykes, aka "that coach".

"The way it went last year," Fitzgerald told the NU fans, "I look forward to shaking that coach’s hand after we beat ‘em."

Talking about setting his sights high. Fitzgerald is so confident he can beat a team that went 1-11 last year HE WENT ON RECORD. The confidence, the bravado, the enthusiasm. He has all those things, plus seven losses in eight games.

Here are other things Pat Fitzgerald is confident about. Can you think of others?

  • He knows somewhere in the world, a baby is crying.
  • He can punt a kitty a good 30 yards with the right trajectory.
  • He can take candy from your babies and then get to the center of the Tootsie Roll pop in more bites (also, an insatiable desire for buttcheeks).

On this news story, we can pretty much say goodbye to the offseason. Hello preseason. Less than 40 days now.

UPDATE: What did Sonny have to say at Media Day?