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Richard Solomon to join Houston Rockets' Summer League

The big man will get to prove himself in the NBA's Summer League.

William Mancebo

Lukewarm off the presses, we have some news on Richard Solomon!

Solomon will join the Rockets' summer-league teams in both Orlando and in Las Vegas. He is one of four players who were selected to play for both teams.

Mark Deeks of Sham Sports wrote an analysis of Solomon's game. Hopefully it isn't a sham. *rimshot*

Solomon never developed all that much offensively in his career at Cal, but is a tremendous rebounder and sometime defensive pest who somehow does it all without looking like he is trying all that hard. That is not to say that he isn't, save for some defensive lapses, and he is especially active on the glass. Sometimes, though, that activity is tied to his scoring output. If he's not scoring, he's not fighting. For the most part, though, Solomon boxes out on the glass and uses his height and length to clean up loose balls in and around his area. He is mobile and athletic, if a bit thin, and is also a weakside shotblocking presence on the interior. Solomon fouls a lot and can be pushed out of position all too easily, but he is long if not strong and pursues the ball, improving throughout his Cal tenure as the back piece of the zone.

Offensively, Solomon is a finisher, not a creator. His athleticism allows him some looks at the basket and the occasional ugly drive to the rim, but he has poor touch on pretty much every type of shot, and especially struggles to finish against strength. He does however use his mobility well to dive to open spots and run the court in transition, and makes enough mid-range jumpshots, putbacks and wild flails to make defenders at least play him. In the post, Solomon rather premeditates his moves instead of reading and reacting, and is not consistent down there, save for his consistent desire to go to his right hand, but he can nevertheless be effective through the length alone on his occasional post-ups, and utilises a spin move to a righty hook and reasonable footwork. Coupled with the occasional mid-range jumpshot, and even the very occasional turnaround from the post, Solomon is a passable offensive player, if highly unpolished.

Can he make it in the NBA on the rebounding alone? Probably not at a thin 6'10, no. But summer league is not just an NBA audition, and Solomon will no doubt be in Israel or something soon.

Solomon will face off against former teammate Justin Cobbs down in Orlando. Good luck and go Bears!