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Cal WBB news: Welcome assistant coach Jeff Cammon

What does the newest member of the women's basketball coaching staff bring to the team? Let's find out!

After five years at Long Beach State, Jeff Cammon is making a move north.
After five years at Long Beach State, Jeff Cammon is making a move north.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the departure of assistant coach Katy Steding to Boston, Cal was forced to go on the market for a new assistant coach. Coach Gottlieb and the Bears acted quickly, naming Jeff Cammon as assistant coach less than a month later.

You can read Cal's press release with a decent biography here. Looking at Cammon's resume, one thing obviously stands out: Los Angeles. Cammon has spent the last seven years in the most important recruiting territory for the Bears, and likely has excellent high school connections based on his participation in camps in the L.A. area from his LBSU bio.

It's obviously simplistic and reductive to say that L.A. area recruiting is the primary reason for this hire. Cammon looks to be a solid, young, up-and-coming hire based on his career trajectory. But after a few years in which UCLA won some critical recruiting battles down south, it's certainly true that now is as good a time as any to help shore things up.

It's tough to say how much impact Cammon had at LBSU. He came on with a new coaching staff facing a rebuilding program, and there had been gradual progress in the right direction for the 49ers. There were a few recruiting classes that were pretty solid for a Big West squad, and Cammon quite possibly had something to do with that. Of course, divining how much one of four coaches should be credited for anything is a fool's errand.

Long story short? Welcome to Berkeley Coach Cammon! Go Bears!