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Golden Nuggets: Alysia Montaño On Preparing to Run at the USA Nationals While 34 Weeks Pregnant

Alysia Montaño talks to Good Day LA about preparing to run at the USA Nationals and dispelling the myth that women cannot participate in sports while pregnant.

Andy Lyons

Alysia Montaño competed in the USA Nationals last week despite being 8 1/2 months pregnant.  She talks with Good Day LA about competing under these unusual circumstances.

"I wanted to run the USA Nationals...I wasn't sure how I was gonna feel around this time...but as my pregnancy progressed and it felt so good just continuing what I was doing...the fire and the desire to compete just started getting hotter and hotter as my due date was getting closer."

After checking with her doctor and talking to her husband, Montaño prepared but kept it quiet.

"I said I want to do it, I want to run in the USA Nationals. I don't wanna tell anybody I don't want to be discouraged from doing something, I just want people to see what it looks like."

Montaño says now she wants to get the word out that as long as women talk to their docs, running or other types of sports are okay...with certain conditions of course.

"I really want to write about this or explain to people that this is something really good, something women need to be doing in their pregnancy, it would save us from so many different health issues that come on during pregnancy."

She runs a faster 800m while 34 weeks pregnant than most of us do under ordinary circumstances.  That is quite impressive.