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Golden Nuggets: Justin Forsett blogs on a problem plaguing NFL locker rooms

As an expert on Blue and Gold, RB Justin Forsett knows fools' gold when he sees it.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We've got something a little different today.

RB Justin Forsett did some guest-blogging for Sporting News on a common problem that afflicts most NFL-ers: avarice.

The term "fool's gold" refers to something that is attractive and enticing but, in the grand scheme of things, not worth very much. In my mind, these things consist of luxury homes, cars, jewelry, clothes and fancy trips - things that have very little substance (if any) in the big picture of life.

I will say, though, that there is nothing wrong with owning these things. The problem arises when these things start owning you.

Fool's gold becomes a detriment when your want becomes a need.

Kudos to Forsett for branching out and working outside of football while tackling (geez, that was cheesy) important social issues.

We've also got a pair of coaching departures. Best of luck to Coaches Steding and Reeves in the next stages of their lives.

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