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Cal Olympics Sports Roundup - 3 Boats with National Titles and 5 Bears and 1 relay to NCAA Track and Field

Missing out on the big prize of the Team National Championships, 2 Cal Men's Crew boats did win IRA titles and 1 Cal Women's Crew won a NCAA title.

Golden Bears and their 2nd place team finish trophy.
Golden Bears and their 2nd place team finish trophy.
Cal Women's Crew Facebook

Last minute scheduling change - the CRC Rugby 7s photoessay recap will be posted on this Friday at 10:30 rather than today. In its place today is the typical Cal Olympics Sports that is on Fridays. This is also the next to last edition of that for the school year.

Cal Women's Crew - 2nd place team finish at NCAA

For the 2nd straight year, the Golden Bears finished 2nd to Ohio State at the NCAA Women's Crew National Championships. By the combination of points from 4 races (V8+, 2nd V8+, and V4+), the team national title is awarded. Bears finished higher than 'Furd who were 4th, despite 'Furd's wins over the Bears in the Big Row and the Pac-12 Championships.

Out of the boats, the Varsity 4 won the national title there.

While it is a bit cynical about finishes that are not first, the Cal Women's Crew program has been consistently great lately.

More importantly, the team is proud of their achievements.

Varsity 8+ Grand Final

Top-Three: 1. Ohio State (6:44.476), 2. Brown (6:48.471), 3. California (6:48.509)

Cal Lineup: Lindsay Meltz(Cox). Aggie Nowinski(8), Kendall Chase(7), Papa Hipango(6), Kara Kohler(5), Rosie Popa(4), Inger Kavlie(3), Ingvild Roenningen(2), Michelle Leason(1).

Second Varsity 8+ Grand Final

Top-Five: 1. Ohio State (6:59.434), 2. Princeton (7:02.028), 3. Virginia (7:02.685), 4. Stanford (7:04.888), 5. California (7:05.136)

Cal Lineup: Hannah Freeman(Cox), Sarah Schwartz(8), Greer Uu(7), Rowan McKeller(6), Charlotte Siering(5), Jacinta Edmunds(4), Cara Bohmann(3), Elie Byrd(2), Madeline Wolf(1).

Varsity 4+ Grand Final

Top-Three: 1. California (7:43.088). 2. Stanford (7:44.379), 3. Virginia (745.948)

Cal Lineup: Mary Thomasmyer(Cox), Dorothee Beckendorff(4), Stephanie Kraemer(3), Charlotte Passot(2), Anne Duval(1).

Cal Men's Crew - Varsity 8 finished 3rd but wins for 2nd and 3rd Varsity 8's

The Bears competed in the IRA Championships in Lake Mercer near Princeton, New Jersey. All Golden Bear boats advanced to the respective Grand Finals on Sunday (which is hardly a surprise). This is how they finished:

Varsity 8+

Top Three: 1. Washington (537.113), 2. Brown (5:39.626), 3. California (5:42.063)

Second Varsity 8+

Top Three: 1. California (5:42.880), 2. Princeton (5:45.133), 3. Brown (5:46.282)

Third Varsity 8+

Top Three: 1. California (5:47.554), 2. Washington (5:49.750), 3. Brown (5:50.794).

Freshman Varsity 8+

Top Three: 1. Washington (5:46.324), 2. California (5:52.105), 3. Brown (5:54.086)

Varsity 4+

Top Three: 1. Washington (6:21.322), 2. Brown (6:24.619), 3. California (6:27.615)

The "National Title" for men's crew goes to the winner of the Varsity 8+ race (+ indicates that this is the heavyweight boat race not the lightweight boat race). The second ranked Bears had two close defeats on the season to the top ranked Washington Huskies. Golden Bears were neck in neck with UW while even taking a very tiny lead before UW pulled away from the field. Just when the Cal fans are hoping for the Bears to make a move, Brown was the one who did that instead, surpassing the Bears while sort of challenged the Huskies.

For what its worth, 3rd place is Cal's highest finish since 2011 (when we also finished 3rd).

The top finish in 2nd V8+ and 3rd V8+ do bode well for the future (besides the nice celebration photo above). More importantly, Washington did not sweep all races for the 3rd straight year. The UW men's crew dynasty may be beginning to end.


Cal Track and Field - 5 Bears and men's 4x100 to the NCAA Championships

The 2013-14 season is not quite over for Cal Athletics as several Cal athletes are advancing to the NCAA Outdoors Track and Field Championships in Eugene Oregon. 4 men and the men's 4x100 relay teams and 1 women have qualified from the NCAA West Prelims this past weekend.

NCAA Championships West Prelims
John McDonnell Field/Fayetteville, Ark.

California Results

1500-meters – 4. Thomas Joyce 3:41.28q

5000-meters – 22. John Lawson 14:25.98; 37. Chris Walden 14:45.26

110-meter hurdles – 7. Milan Ristic 13.63q

4x100-meter relay – 12. Dan DavisTom BlockerDash OliverKhalfani Muhammad 39.91q

Triple Jump – 10. Jonte Grant 51-7.25 (15.73m)q

Discus – 12. Derek White 185-5 (56.53m)q; 37. Brenden Song 169-8 (51.71m); 43. CJ Nwuzi 165-1 (50.33m)

1500-meters – 19. Sydney Gray 4:27.41

5000-meters – 7. Kelsey Santisteban 16:10.60q

High Jump – T-31. Grace Beaudoin 5-5.75 (1.67m)

Hammer – 37. Shelby Ashe 168-9 51.44m

q – Qualified for quarterfinals

Cal Rugby wins CRC 7s for their 2nd straight Rugby 7s national title

Last but definitely not least, rugby won the CRC last weekend, if you somehow didn't notice that. Cal Rugby has posted this nice recap video and I will have a recap of my experience in a post that will go up late Friday morning.