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Jason Kidd to the Milwaukee Bucks as coach (and/or team president?) after being traded for two 2nd-round picks

A gutsy power grabbing ultimatum move by Jason Kidd is not disastrous as Kidd lands in Milwaukee with possibly more power (and possible higher salary) than his 1 year stint at the Brooklyn Nets.

Jason Kidd will be heading to the Milwaukee Bucks after being traded for 2 second-round picks.
Jason Kidd will be heading to the Milwaukee Bucks after being traded for 2 second-round picks.
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UPDATE: It's been announced that the two draft picks will be for the 2015 and 2019 drafts. Kidd is only the head coach for the moment, with Larry Drew fired after a brief one year stint with the Bucks. Reports speculate that Kidd will ascend to become the team president soon enough, although current GM John Hammond (apparently NOT the fictional character who started Jurassic Park) is still employed by the Bucks for the moment.

If you follow the NBA news, you would have noticed a very awkward situation that Jason Kidd has been in for the past few days. Things has apparently been resolved now with the latest development of

Here is a quick recap of the series of events:

On Saturday, it was reported that Jason Kidd tried for a power move with the Brooklyn Nets to have more power. From the always reliable Daily Bugle New York Post

A league source told The Post Kidd recently approached ownership with a series of demands, including the role of overseeing the Nets' basketball operations department in addition to his head-coaching responsibilities. The source said Kidd didn't want general manager Billy King to be dismissed, but wanted to be given a title and placed above him in the organizational hierarchy.

Ownership declined to grant Kidd that kind of power, which is rare for any coach in the league to have. The source said ownership felt Kidd wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility after having only one year of coaching experience - the team finished his first season on the bench with a 44-38 record, good for sixth in the Eastern Conference - and allowed Kidd to seek other opportunities.

The franchise then was asked by the Bucks for permission to speak with Kidd about the prospect of hiring him and the Nets consented, making his departure from Brooklyn a sudden possibility. According to reports, the two teams already have been discussing possible compensation to release Kidd from the final three years of his original four-year, $10.5 million contract.

So Jason Kidd wanted power akin to what Phil Jackson has for the Knicks, despite not having the experience. It should also be pointed out that Kidd was seeking an unprecedented power of both being the team president AND head coach (to be fair, I guess Flip Saunders has beat Kidd to this title as Saunders who is also a part owners of the Minnesota Timberwolves, named himself the head coach after being in charge of the head coaching search).

News out of Milwaukee is that the Bucks, with a new owner, billionaire hedge fund managers Wesley Edens (more famous for sending her photogenic daughter to the NBA Draft Lottery where she narrowly overshadowed the equally photogenic AND Cal-alum daughter of the Sacramento Kings) and Marc Lasry, have offered Kidd the job that he desires.

Jason Kidd apparently has a close relationship with Marc Lasry.

So on Saturday, it was reported that the Bucks and the Nets have begun talking about compensations for Kidd.

Of course, reports were that Kidd has already severed his relationship with the Nets and that if the deal with the Bucks fall through, he was likely going to be left without a NBA job.

Jason Kidd, of course, is famous for making a whole bunch of no-look passes in his career. Some may even say that he has prescience to know how things will turn out.

On Sunday, there were plenty of reports of the Nets looking to replace Jason Kidd, as well as their demands to the Bucks for a 1st round draft pick in return. Bucks only offered one 2nd round pick initially.

We also get the news that he may just be up for the head coaching job rather than the team president job:

Bucks also said that they would make a decision in 24 hours or else they would abandon the hope to add Kidd.

In between all these chatter about the fate of Jason Kidd's coaching career, some news came out about his clashes with the Nets front office during the season.

SB Nation's Nets Daily reports:

One of the final straws for Nets ownership came when Kidd advocated for a trade with the Bucks that would sent Brook Lopez and Mirza Teletovic to Milwaukee for the deeply troubled Larry Sanders and Ersan Ilyasova. The suggestion, mostly about Kidd's belief that Lopez couldn't fit in his system, was considered and rejected by the Nets brass.

--Kidd was angered by the Nets decision to trade for Marcus Thornton rather than Jarrett Jack, who he believed would have been a better fit.  Nets ownership believe that Kidd's ultimate ambition was to dump Billy King, with whom ownership remains quite satisfied.  Kidd believes that King and Nets ownership do not have a long term plan and are too opportunistic.

For us Cal fans, it certainly seem plausible that Jason Kidd would not want the former Stanfurd Cardinal in Brook Lopez on his team.

Kidd was offended when Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher were given contracts twice as lucrative as his, but he was also, and perhaps more, offended by the Clippers decision, post-Donald Sterling, to give more personnel control to Doc Rivers.

Additionally, Steve Kerr (a current Cal parent but a former Arizona Wildcat) is making more money (sign to a 5-year, $25 million deal) than Jason Kidd. Kidd clearly wants to protect Cal's lead on Arizona for having their alum having a higher future earning.

So one way to look at things may be that Jason Kidd just has so much Cal pride that he doesn't want to have a 'Furd on his squad and want to make more money than a former Arizona Wildcat. Anyhow, Jason will now look to turn around the Milwaukee franchise who just recently drafted the talented Jabari Parker with the 2nd overall pick on Thursday. Kidd will bid farewell to Cal alum and former Pac-12 Player of the Year in Jorge Gutierrez, who signed an extension with the Nets late last year, after being a D-League call-up.

As a life-long point guard, maybe it is not that surprising that Jason Kidd wants to have more power and control over EVERYTHING. The way that things went down is definitely interesting, and probably not recommended (I don't know, I don't have a real job yet).

We should get more concrete news soon on just what Kidd's ultimate role with the Bucks will be. Maybe he will get personnel decision powers and play some Cal nepotism to get more former Golden Bears in the Association.