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WBB recruiting: Hello MaAne' Mosley, 2015 wing

Cal's newest recruit is the 3rd 2015 commit, joining Kristine Anigwe and Bre Cavanaugh.


About two weeks ago, news broke that Lindsay Gottlieb received a verbal commitment from MaAne' Mosley. Why are you only hearing about it here now? Because I'm lazy and sometimes women's basketball news falls through the cracks during the summer. Mea culpa!

But the important part is that Cal should have another consensus top 100 recruit suiting up in a little more than a year. Mosley comes out of St. Mary's, Berkeley. Does that school sound familiar to you? It should, because it's the same school that produced both Mikayla Cowling and Gabby Green. Did the appeal of playing with two former teammates help sway Mosley to come to Cal? Well, it certainly didn't hurt:

"My top two choices were either Cal or Stanford. I wanted to go into law, and I felt they had very strong law programs," said the 5-foot-11 wing. "I felt Cal had real caring there, so I felt that would be a good home for me."

Two of her high school teammates, Gabby Green and Mikayla Cowling, signed with Cal in November.

"It wasn't a major factor, but the fact that they were already going there was a plus," Mosley said. "I'm glad I would be with people I already know and care about. "

ESPN gives Mosley a 3 star rating that would put her just outside the top 60 for 2015. Prospects Nation handed out an extra star and has her ranked at #61. I try not to worry a ton about evaluations before a player's senior season for any college sport, but particularly women's basketball with the limited amount of evaluations going on. Still, higher is better, and Coach Gottlieb has secured a solid commitment from Cal's backyard in a year that is otherwise limited in terms of elite California talent. That Cal won out over teams like Stanford and USC is even better.

Mosley is a pure 2/3 guard, and is very much in the mold of other recent Cal recruits. That means that she is hard working, athletic, plays high intensity defense, and helps out on the boards. Shooting, at least from behind the line, may be a question mark. I usually wait to try to do deeper analysis until the summer before a player is set to join the program, so let's wait and see.

Cal now has a combo guard, wing, and true post player committed for 2015. With five players (Boyd, Gray, Hartman, Dunn, & Shine) all set to graduate next year, you would expect that Cal will be looking for a minimum of two more players in this class. Another post or two, a pure point guard and an ace shooter would be nifty, but it's pretty easy to get greedy from the sidelines.

For now, welcome to Cal Ms. Mosley!