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Golden Nuggets: Cal Releases Art Kaufman's Contract Details

Cal's new defensive coordinator will earn $550,000 per year over two years, with a $340k buyout after the end of the first season.

Did the Cal staff learn any lessons from Andy Buh's contract SNAFU?
Did the Cal staff learn any lessons from Andy Buh's contract SNAFU?
Alan Crowhurst

As TwistNHook helpfully illustrated last year, Andy Buh's fully guaranteed contract turned into a financial nightmare for Cal.  Art Kaufman's contract details have been released and I'm pleased to see that the days of fully guaranteed DC contracts have come to an end!  Despite the $1 million we owe Buh over the next two years, the staff gave Kaufman a hefty, competitive salary.

Kaufman, 55, who came to Cal from Cincinnati, will cost Cal more in the short term, but less if the two part ways before his two-year contact ends.

Kaufman will earn $225,000 in base salary each season, plus a $325,000 talent fee. He will receive the entirety of his $550,000 annual salary if fired anytime before the end of his first season, but only $340,000 if dismissed prior to the end of the second season.

If Kaufman decides to leave Cal prior to April 30, 2015, he must pay the university $75,000.

Kaufman’s salary is line with others at his position in the Pac-12 Conference. He’ll earn more than new Washington defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski ($485,000), but less than UW paid Justin Wilcox ($750,000) in 2013. Wilcox left Washington after last season, following coach Steve Sarkisian to USC.

Kaufman can earn bonuses ranging from $10,000 to $35,000 if the Bears play in various bowl games. He will earn $25,000 if Cal’s 2014 defense is ranked among the nation’s top-50 in fewest points per game allowed, and $25,000 if the ’15 squad is ranked among the top-25.

Like fellow coordinator Tony Franklin, Kaufman is only on the books through 2015.  This will put Cal in a better financial situation should Cal decide to part ways with Sonny Dykes and company after next season.