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BREAKING NEWS: Cal Athletic Director Sandy Barbour To Purportedly Step Down From Department

If true, this would be sad news for Cal.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

We've received word from a highly placed source at Cal that current Cal Athletics Director Sandy Barbour is going to apparently step down as Director.  There may be a press availability set for tomorrow where this will be announced.

If this rumor is true, it would be unfortunate for Cal.  In my opinion, Sandy has accomplished a significant amount in her tenure with Cal.  We've discussed on many occasions her time at Cal. The Department as a whole has had a significant amount of success during her time here.  In specific, she helped shepherd the Memorial Stadium upgrade through the byzantine and "uniquely Berkeley" process, which required a significant amount of skill and patience.  In my opinion, it will be hard to fill her shoes here.

We'll stay on top of this rumor.  If we have any additional information, we'll provide it to you.  GO BEARS!

UPDATE: This news has been CONFIRMED by Mercury News' Jon Wilner