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Golden Nuggets: How do Pac-12 experts rank Memorial Stadium among the conference?

Football experts rank Pac-12 campuses and stadiums to decides which is the best and which is the worst. Where does Memorial Stadium and the Cal atmosphere rank?

Stephen Lam

Athlon Sports polled ten Pac-12 experts like Rick Neuheisel and's Bryan Fischer to rank the Pac-12 stadiums, encompassing the stadium itself, the atmosphere, the town itself, and other factors. The beautiful Memorial Stadium came in at 6th after averaging all votes with most experts voting in the 56 range with one vote as high as 4th and three votes placing us at 911. Wut? Here's what they had to say:

This venue was in dire need of an upgrade and the administration has done a great job refurbishing one of the more unique stadiums in the Pac-12. The $321 million renovation took two years but, Memorial Stadium re-opened in 2012 and the project was hailed as a rousing success. The entire West Side was demolished and rebuilt, the field was lowered to improve sightlines and the East Side amenities were totally overhauled. Earthquake engineering and Tight Wad Hill, where students climb trees to watch the game, give this building some extremely unique character.

Oregon's Autzen Stadium came in first practically unanimously while Martin Stadium of WSU came in last.

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