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Support Cal WBB's charity drive!

When one Bear is challenged, we are all challenged.

Why would anybody want to pour freezing water on such a nice woman?!
Why would anybody want to pour freezing water on such a nice woman?!

So, this happened:

I'm a little confused as to how this trend got started, but the fact of the matter is that Coach G was called out by Arizona WBB head coach Niya Butts. Technically, just Coach G. But she's a Bear and we're Bears and we've got our back, SO WE CANNOT LET THIS CHALLENGE STAND UNANSWERED.

Except I was out of town at a conference for work, and well before I had the chance to post anything up, Lindsay and the rest of the Bears had already responded with amazing speed. Exactly one day later, this video hit the internets:

Firstly, props to the coaches and players for stepping up with zero hesitation. Secondly, props for bringing in the big gun, Missy Franklin. Bears don't mess around. Thirdly and most importantly, let's support the team after accepting the challenge to endure a rather unpleasant looking experience.

If you would like to donate to the Kay Yow foundation for women's cancer research, go here. To protect Cal's honor (and in support of my own mom, a cancer survivor) I've put forth $50. If you donate, they send you a nice receipt explaining what your money will go towards:

Thank you for your gift of $50.00 to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Your support will help us continue our important work of finding an answer in the fight against women's cancers through raising money for scientific research.

The late Kay Yow believed she lived as long as she did as a result of having the opportunity to participate in research projects coupled with clinical trials. Together, with you and a team of doctors and scientists across the country, we are coming closer to the day in which we will live in a world free of cancer.

The advancements we have made thus far can be attributed in many ways to people like you who have generously supported our mission. We are grateful for your generosity and hope that you will take great pride in the important difference that your gift makes.