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Chandler Leniu heading to WSU


Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It's become a recent rarity -- thankfully -- but these words always suck to write, let alone report: Cal has had another player not qualify. Here's SB Nation Washington State blog CougCenter with more on Chandler Leniu's surprising turn of events, which picked up steam over the weekend:

According to Ransford, Leniu signed with WSU after signing with California in February. Because he already signed a letter of intent, he likely inked a financial aid agreement with WSU. Complete details of the last-minute switch aren't out, so we'll have to wait for confirmation on whether Leniu will be eligible this season.


Grades often play a factor in late switches like this. Without having full details, one could speculate that Leniu didn't qualify at Cal, but met the requirements at WSU so he made the switch. Cornerback Ray Ford was in a similar situation a couple of years ago and wound up in Pullman briefly after not qualifying at Cal. We'll update with more information as it comes available.

The news was then confirmed by Bruce Feldman from CBS earlier today.

Now, this loss is overcome somewhat by a large linebacking class -- remember, Aisea Tongilava, Devante Downs, and Hamilton A'noai are still coming this fall -- and although none of the other '14 recruits are projected at the MIKE the way Leniu was, this fact in combination with the spring position changes and returners from injury does help.

A little, anyway.

[Do you feel better? No? Me either, really.]