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Golden Nuggets: takes a look at Marvin Jones's skills and why he'll have a breakout 2014 thinks Marvin Jones is going to have a big year in 2014, some great swimming by Nathan Adrian and Missy Franklin, and Alex Morgan becomes 10th all-time in scoring.

Andy Lyons took a look at the top 25 players to have a breakout season in 2014 and no. 17 was a Golden Bear great with a penchant for spectacular catches: WR Marvin Jones.

Jones is a joy to watch. (It was hard to narrow down the highlights for this article.) I expected to see a pure vertical receiver when firing up NFL Game Rewind, but Jones was a complete player with few holes. He never gives up on a pass, no matter how wayward the throw from Andy Dalton. He can make sensational diving catches, and grab passes in traffic. He is a natural, fluid runner after the catch or when he's given the ball on a handoff.

The Bengals love to use Jones' athleticism in the red zone and on the sidelines. He has very consistent hands and showed the ability to break tackles in the open field despite his lanky frame. Playing across the field from [A.J.] Green is a gift, and Jones consistently takes advantage of his matchups.

Check out the full story to read more about potential plans for Jones to become the no. 2 receiver in Cincinnati, some projections about his production in 2014, and some sweet highlights from his NFL career.

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