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Golden Nuggets: What is our worst football loss since the 2010 World Cup?

How can you even chose a most painful loss when there are so many candidates?

Ezra Shaw

World Cup fever means only one thingtaking a look at your Pac-12 team's worst loss since the last World Cup in 2010. Considering we went 57, 76, 39, and 111 in that span, there were a lot of games to choose from.

There's a lot to choose from, and that's unfortunate if you're a Cal fan. There have been blowout losses to the Stanford, an aching two-point loss to Oregon and many, many other double-digit defeats from which to select. And if you're only as good as your last game, then Cal is in trouble, because the last time it took the field was a 63-13 loss to Stanford in which Kevin Hogan threw five touchdowns and Ty Montgomery scored touchdowns the first four times he touched the ball (five total). It was a depressing end (for Cal fans) to the first season of the Sonny Dykes era as the Bears failed to beat an FBS team.

We've even heard from CGB contributor Berkelium97 and reader JustBear on the subject.

I'd rank the top-3 losses as follows

1. UW 2010: the bowl streak ends in the most agonizing way possible and Old Memorial Stadium is closed with a loss
2. Nevada 2012: All the pageantry of the reopening of CMS and all the excitement of the season are immediately destroyed with a foreboding loss. At this point it's clear that the Tedford Era is coming to an end.
3. Texas 2011: Our dreams of revenge are brutally crushed by the Texas front seven

by Berkelium97

2011 loss to UCLA was really bad to, considering they were coming off a defeat to Arizona who had just fired Stoops and we were supposed to win that game.

by JustBear

Let's all cry together in the comments over our most painful losses and vote on what you think our most painful loss since 2010 was. And for those of you who hate Tedford, it's not witty to leave a comment saying the 2012 OSU loss wasn't painful since you were happy to see him go.

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